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Beyond Finance Eyes Launch To Introduce Robust Synthetics Platform For DeFi

March 31, 2021 11:15 am
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Beyond Finance has been working in the shadows to build the best possible gateway to synthetic products, as well as an innovative decentralized exchange. Following the completion of a seed fundraising round, Beyond is entering the final steps of the development process. With backing by big-name VCs in the DeFi and traditional finance space, Beyond Finance has completed a $7.5 million fundraising round to introduce its synthetic-token-based exchange. By reimagining the DEX infrastructure, Beyond Finance brings forth a DEX with a host of never-before-seen features.
A Fast and Inexpensive DEX for Every Asset

The platform that Beyond Finance has developed will usher in an era where any user can gain access to any synthetic asset, including a deep liquidity pool, and without the need for a third-party. As a decentralized exchange for synthetic financial products, Beyond Finance will be able to host markets of assets from virtually any industry. As a result, users can gain exposure to the underlying asset price that the token represents without having to actually hold or own the asset.

There will be various new features on the Beyond Finance DEX that have not been seen before, setting the platform apart from the competition. One of the most interesting new features is the synthetic asset minting option. This allows for easy introduction of new asset trading pairs through product minting of synthetic tokens, opening up the market to new communities of investors. With a wide swath of investments from different asset classes, Beyond Finance will integrate decentralized price oracles to guarantee that its users receive the most accurate and up-to-date pricing available.

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Low Slippage and Tighter Spreads

Due to their lack of interoperability, most decentralized exchanges cannot host large pools of liquidity. This disadvantages platform users, as they may not be able to complete the trades they want at the market price. Beyond Finance will provide deep levels of liquidity across all trading pools through the Beyond Treasury. By setting a portion of tokens aside specifically to strengthen the ecosystem, users will never have to settle for high slippage or unfair trading rates.

One of the most important features is the rigorous security measures that Beyond Finance will go through before launch. Many new DeFi projects do not have their code audited; they end up rushing out their project and suffering in the long run when it is exploited by malicious actors. Beyond Finance is not taking any risks when it comes to platform protection. Industry-leading security experts will fully audit it before release.

Finally, the Beyond Finance DEX will have an easy-to-use interface to service investors of every ability level, but will also feature advanced options like a more affordable collateral ratio to serve its Orderly Liquidation mechanism. By combining all of these value-adding features and wrapping them up in a simple-to-use application, the Beyond Finance DEX could unlock much more utility than current decentralized exchanges can offer. Beyond’s DEX mimics a traditional financial instruments exchange more than a decentralized exchange, but with a community-focused governance model, making Beyond Finance much more user-centric.

Keep an eye out for Beyond's upcoming IDO on DuckDAO and Ignition (+DAO Maker Pool) on April 12, 2021.

Disclaimer: the writer has a personal connection with the Beyond team and used this relationship to source insights for this article. This article is educational and does not represent financial advice. Please consult your financial advisor before purchasing any digital assets.


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