Curaleaf's Strategic Rebrand Of Grassroots & Expansion To California With Infused Pre-Rolls

Curaleaf's Strategic Rebrand Of Grassroots & Expansion To California With Infused Pre-Rolls

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. CURA CURLF announced the national rebrand of its Grassroots premium cannabis flower brand on Monday. The company shared details on the brand's previously announced expansion into California with the launch of Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls.

Bright Like a Diamond: Grassroots Infused Pre-Rolls

Grassroots Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls are composed of finely ground, high-quality whole flowers with a dusting of THCA "diamonds" for maximum purity and potency.

Available as 1 gram Singles or 5 pack Shorties at 0.4 grams each, these pre-rolls are now available in California featuring three unique strains:

  • Grower's Reserve – Napali Sunrise (Sativa) by Delighted Farms, is a state-of-the-art indoor farm managed by a team of renowned California growers.
  • Grower's Reserve – Cherry Cheesecake (Indica) by Sonoma Hills Farm, a Sun+Earth certified cannabis farm nestled on 60 acres in Sonoma Valley.
  • Mimosa by Grassroots (Hybrid)

"We are thrilled to introduce the new look and feel of Grassroots, a brand that exemplifies our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality cannabis products and experiences,” Matt Darin, CEO of Curaleaf said. "I am also proud to launch our Grassroots Grower's Reserve program, which demonstrates our commitment to creating an equitable cannabis industry where operators of all sizes and backgrounds work together to strengthen the industry and deliver premium experiences for consumers."

Grassroots Grower's Reserve Program

The Grower's Reserve program is an ongoing series of limited-edition collaborations with craft farmers and diverse operators in California. “The program reaffirms the Company's commitment to providing high-quality products to its consumers while empowering smaller craft operators in the Golden State,” stated the firm in the release.

Founded in 2014, the Grassroots brand is dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis products while serving, advancing, and respecting the cannabis movement.

The brand first planted its roots in Chicago with the goal of perfecting the art and science of cannabis cultivation through the creation of exclusive genetics and unique strains. Curaleaf acquired Grassroots in 2020 and its products are now available in seven states including California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

Grassroots' new branding has rolled out in California and Maryland and will expand to all seven markets in the coming months.

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