Psychedelics For Alzheimer's And Stress-Induced Disorders Under Study At Columbia University

Psychedelics For Alzheimer's And Stress-Induced Disorders Under Study At Columbia University

Silo Pharma Inc. SILO has agreed with Columbia University to an extension of the psychedelics biotech company's option to license certain treatments currently under development, including Alzheimer’s disease and stress-induced anxiety.

The compounds being assessed in Columbia’s study, of which the first steps have shown positive results, are two of Silo’s proprietary pipeline: SPC-14, a novel drug combining two approved therapeutics and targeting NDMARS and 5HT4Rs to treat cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer’s and SPC-15, which uses ketamine compositions as a method for treatment and prevention in stress-induced affective disorders.

The extension to the agreement incorporates the work of Dr. Christine Ann Denny, an associate professor of clinical neurobiology in psychiatry at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Dr. Denny and her team are focusing on assessing the molecular mechanisms behind learning and memory, including diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and whether ketamine and other novel drugs may improve memory retrieval, halt or even reverse the process of memory loss or cognitive aging. 

Positive outcomes from this study could hold life-altering implications for people suffering with pathologies ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to PTSD.

In the meantime, Silo is conducting concurrent research studies, including the joint venture with Zylo Therapeutics for the development of a time-released dermal delivery system of ketamine or psilocybin for multiple health indications and a research agreement with University of California to study the effect of psilocybin on inflammation in the blood targeting Parkinson’s, chronic pain and bipolar disorder. 

Photo courtesy of Commons and Pexels.

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