Preclinical Ketamine Trial Shows Positive Results For Pain Conditions Like Fibromyalgia And Arthritis

Preclinical Ketamine Trial Shows Positive Results For Pain Conditions Like Fibromyalgia And Arthritis

Biotech psychedelics researcher and developer Silo Pharma Inc. SILO announced its topically-administered proprietary ketamine obtained a positive outcome in a recent preclinical study.

The trial has then proven the combination of Silo’s ketamine together with Zylo’s delivery system to yield positive results in reducing neuropathic nerve pain in a small animal study.

This data is extremely promising for patients suffering from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis,” CEO Eric Weisblum said.

“These positive results of our study show that Silo is able to successfully formulate and deliver ketamine topically at reduced dosage to achieve its endpoint of pain reduction. "

More specifically, ketamine was responsible for reducing mechanical allodynia and hyperalgesia at both pre and post-dosing time points, while mechanical hyperalgesia was reduced on day seven at the pre-dose time point. It should also be considered that the dosing was provided via a patent-protected delivery system with Silo’s partner Zylo Therapeutics. 

Weisblum further added that “day seven and day nine scores averaged zero (no erythema or swelling present) for all groups, which bodes extremely well for our planned toxicology study.”

More On Allodynia And Hyperalgesia

Silo Pharma works towards developing treatments for people suffering from PTSD, Parkinson’s disease and rare neurological disorders. In this sense, the company’s most recent trial measured the effect of ketamine on two conditions related to pain sensitivity.

The NIH defines allodynia as “pain due to a stimulus that does not normally provoke pain.”

It is a condition on its own and may be found—as a symptom—in certain neurological disorders as well. An example would be a light feather touch causing pain rather than just sensation.

While they are both neuropathic diseases and can coexist, hyperalgesia is defined as “an exaggerated response from a normally painful stimulus.” This increased sensitivity to pain (sometimes “hypersensitivity”) or enhanced intensity of pain sensation is thought to be likely caused by damages in nociceptors or peripheral nerves.

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