Last-Minute Ideas For 4/20: 40 Products to Elevate Your Cannabis Day Celebrations

Every cannabis consumer’s favorite holiday is here. April 20th, or 4/20 as it’s called, is a holiday all about celebrating the plant, educating others on the benefits of cannabis, and most importantly: consuming cannabis. Cannabis expert Alice Moon, along with industry leaders Monisha Pillai and Leland Radovanovic, put together this guide of 40 products to help elevate your 4/20 celebrations. In this guide you’ll find ancillary products available worldwide with a mix of plant touching products available in exclusive markets. Hope you have a Happy 4/20!


Blazy Susan Tray: The Blazy Susan rolling tray is the perfect marriage of function, fun and beauty. Styled after a traditional lazy susan, this gorgeous pink tray spins on an axis for ease of use in any smoking household or group setting. It features two rolling areas, an incredible spiked de-bowler / ash-tray for easy cleaning of your bong or pipe, and an abundance of holders - banger holders, lighter holders, phone holders, cup holders and a cutout for your grinder. It also comes with a couple silicon inserts to slap onto the surface so your glass pieces don’t slip off mid-spin. The design is almost absurdly thoughtful and to top it off, the pastel pink tray doubles as an iconic statement piece - the best home decor I’ve ever seen. 10 stars! 


LilxBun Dab Mat: Every dabber needs a dab mat to help keep surfaces clean & LilXBun offers the cutest one! This “High In The Clouds” dab mat is adorable, nonstick, and is 6 inches, making it an excellent size for your dab mat needs. LilxBun is a female owned and operated brand based out of Dallas, Texas. Make sure to check out their very fun Instagram that highlights all of their product offerings.

Davinci IQC Handheld Vaporizer: The satin finish look and feel on the Davinci exceeds my expectation for its price point. Unlike many others at this price, you don't have to use an app to finetune the temperature, rather, it just requires the press of a couple of buttons. The DaVinci IQC allows cannabis enthusiasts to craft the perfect buzz, thanks to its top-of-the-line technology. Whatever your preference, you can achieve it with IQC, placing the power back in the hands of the consumer. Featuring clean first technology, temperature control, a replaceable battery and USB-C charging, this dual-use cannabis vaporizer has it all.

Moose Labs MouthPeace -  The MouthPeace is the first physician-backed, germ-preventing accessory designed to prevent direct oral contact with a variety of shared smoking devices. The original MouthPeace was designed to fit bongs and larger glass pipes and comes with proprietary MouthPeace Filters designed to fit snugly inside each device.The MouthPeace Filter was created to enhance the flavor of every inhale, while protecting your lungs. The MouthPeace has evolved into one of the bestselling smoke shop accessories of all time, and it’s a must-have for the social smoker.


Wandering Bud Moon Pipe - Designed by Wandering Bud Founder, Riley Brain, and handmade in the US by the brand’s small team of artists, the moon pipe fits comfortably in the hand and features a personal-sized bowl. Iridescent mother-of-pearl luster makes this moon pipe even more delightful company after a few hits. Featuring an intentionally-small bowl, the moon pipe is a perfect choice for micro-dosing and for those with lower tolerance levels. The pearl moon pipe has remained a favorite among Wandering Bud customers through the years and it’s a favorite of mine because it’s a freaking moon! So cool.

KØL by HØJ - HOJ has completely redefined the average bowl with the KOL pipe. This is a far cry from your typical smoke-shop glass piece. Designed in Denmark with sustainability and elegance at top of mind, the KOL features a patent-pending micro-channel design which strips heat from herb mechanically. Its shape is supposed to force incoming air into a vortex to trap a higher proportion of herbal impurities. The pipe itself is held together at its core by hidden magnets, snapping apart easily for cleaning. It even comes with replaceable titanium-coated filters that you can easily swap out. Overall, the design allows for a really smooth pull, with none of the heaving, dry coughs an average glass bowl will draw out of you. You can also wash it in the sink, right along with your pots and pans. The bowl itself is a bit shallow, but it’s wide, so it holds enough for a solid high. This is by no means a necessary or crucial piece - it really feels like it was designed for connoisseurs willing to pay a pretty penny for an elite, stylish and unique smoking experience.

024™ Candles - 024™ is a NYC-based black female-owned fragrance brand that creates luxury scented candles that target and neutralize the cannabis smell. Each beautifully scented 7oz candle contains patented scent technology and is available in three intoxicating scents: Cannatonic, Forbidden Fruit, and Incense & Pepper. My personal favorite is Forbidden Fruit. Delicious notes of Black Currant Buds, Rose Petals, and Cardamom. These candles are luxury, multi-purpose, and a must have for a cannabis user!

Canna Style Rose Grinder - Founded by cannabis advocate Amanda Smith in 2019, Canna Style is like the stoner older sister or cool best friend you never had to make cannabis accessible and less scary. In an industry often dominated by men, many people who don’t fit the mold are often shut out of cannabis-friendly spaces. Canna Style has successfully filled that void for affordable, trendy products for cannabis users. Their selection of cannabis accessories includes rolling trays, grinders, papers, storage containers, and more. It was hard to choose only one product by Canna Style to feature because their whole line-up is beautiful! I decided to highlight the rose grinder because it’s the perfect springtime accessory to liven up your cannabis space.

 Another Room Floating Ashtray - Say hello to the first ever functional bath accessory for cannabis consumers. Bath time + joints = the ultimate luxury but up until now, there was no way to keep your pre-roll from getting wet. Enter the Floating Ashtray by Another Room. This lily pad ashtray protects your joints from splashing, while the flower on top perfectly holds your joint. It’s a wonderful addition to your cannabis bath time ritual!

Nancy Chains Necklace - Wearing a cannabis necklace is a great way to let other stoners know that you love the plant. An eye-catching necklace that I adore is made by Nancy Chains. Meet the “Leaf Love” necklace made using a 100% real hemp leaf. This one-of-a-kind necklace is handmade in California, water proof, and features a hard eco-friendly exterior. This necklace will surely help you stand out amongst the crowd!

Vibations Pink Lemonade Mix by MariMed - The cannabis plus caffeine drink mix is the brainchild of MariMed, the same company that cooked up an 850-pound brownie in December of 2021. If you’ve ever wanted a better way to wake and bake without feeling tired or if you like being active with your cannabis consumption, this product is for you. Each packet of Vibations contains 5 mg of THC and 30 mg of caffeine. The pink lemonade is sweet, tart, and reminiscent of my favorite non-THC equivalent drink mixes.

Swamp Sprouts Queen Green Painting - If you love art and cannabis, then you must check out Swamp Sprouts cannabis leaf paintings. Hand painted on a slice of natural wood, this Queen Green work of art features a stoney cannabis leaf with one eye. This piece is about 3 inches in diameter. Due to this being hand painted, each painting is 100% unique. This woman owned brand is inspired by the swamps of Louisiana. Alice Moon is originally from Louisiana, so this brand has a special place in her heart! To see videos on how each painting is made, follow Swamp Sprouts on Instagram.

Ayr Stix Preroll Co. Walking Stix - Walking Stix is a line of single-serve one-gram pre-rolls under its Stix Preroll Co. brand. These joints are rolled by one of only four highly specialized machines that exist in the world for a smooth smoke and even burn. If you balk against the new trend of half-gram and smaller pre-rolls that have been trending, are a fan of convenience, or like to pack light for escapes, then this pre-roll is for you.

 Send Us Flowers Roasted Tee - Cannabis entrepreneur Liz Whiting recently launched Send Us Flowers podcast to celebrate incredible cannabis, people, and products pushing the industry and culture forward. To go along with the podcast, Whiting launched her very own line of Send Us Flowers merch featuring hoodies, pull over sweaters, beanies and shirts. My favorite of the bunch is this “Roasted” over-sized shirt, which speaks to Whiting’s personality - she is a lover of coffee but is usually more roasted than a coffee bean! While joyfully high, Whiting does a wonderful job at helping to end the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption while also being an advocate for spreading awareness around endometriosis. This Roasted shirt is available in sizes small - 4XL and in colors white, grey or black.


Session Goods Bong Starter Kit - Session Goods Bong is modern, durable, and very easy to clean. From the tapered form and the angled mouthpiece to the way it feels in your hands to the sound it makes when you set it down, this designer bong is meant to seamlessly fit into your life and your home. The fun colored silicone footer protects the glass from damage, hides unsightly water, and indicates the recommended water line for the perfect hit. Two different bowls and an extra downstem are always included in case of those inevitable accidents. Session Goods offers a variety of options but I recommend going with their Bong Starter Kit, which features everything you need to bring this modern work of art into your home.


Blazy Susan King Size Pink Pre Rolled Cones:  Say hello to the latest addition to the Blazy suite, Kings and Queens. This pack of 3 pre-rolled King Sized cones will keep your session burning slowly and smoothly. Made with their world famous vegan and non-GMO paper made in France, these convenient cones are a must-add to any smoking kit. Plus, who doesn’t love a pink joint?!

Treat Yourself Energizing Face Mask - To do 4/20 right, you need to truly treat yourself. Best way to do that is with an energizing face mask by a woman owned company appropriately called Treat Yourself. This CBD infused face mask features chaga mushrooms, buckwheat honey, coffee, and more ingredients all meant to encourage firmer looking skin. It energizes your face, leaves you feeling refreshed, clean, and ready to tackle the 4/20 festivities. Highly recommend starting your day off with this face mask!


Ardent FX: The Ardent FX can only be described as an edible lover's ultimate dream. This is an all-in-one, portable cannabis kitchen that enables the entire edible-making process, from cannabinoid activation and oil infusion right down to baking the actual goods. The Ardent can decarboxylate literally any plant material - flower, kief, concentrate, ABV or stems, activating between 97 - 100% of your plant's cannabinoids. It has an infusion mode which allows you to infuse those cannabinoids into your medium of choice - butter, ghee, oil, etc - and then you can bake your actual batter right inside it as well. This means you're able to get maximum use from EVERY part of the cannabis flower - no more wasted stems or shake! This is the smartest device I've ever seen in my life. 

Laganja Estranja Weekender Bag - If you’re planning on getting away this 4/20, you better travel in style with this weekender bag by the legendary Laganja Estranja. OKCURR! Big enough to fit all your cannabis goods + more, this stylish bag sends the message that you are a 4/20 loving DIVA! Jay Jackson, aka Laganja Estranja, (So You Think You Can Dance, RuPaul's Drag Race) is a world-renowned performer, choreographer, music artist, cannabis advocate and LGBTQ+ icon.

Crescendo by Nature’s Heritage of MariMed- This High Times Cup award winning flower by Nature’s Heritage, a MariMed brand, is an excellent strain available in Massachusetts. Its unique terpene profile includes Mycerne and Caryophyllene which work together to create an earthy flavor profile with hints of wood and pine. Crescendo is an Indica dominant hybrid that tests at 21-26% THC, making it a wonderful strain for relaxing in the evening.

Happy Cannabis Mug - A personal favorite way to start the day is with a cup of coffee in a Happy Cannabis Mug. It brings me joy, sends a positive message, and is big enough to fit a large cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer!). Happy Cannabis has a line of merch including shirts, notebooks, magnets, bags, and more!

 Blunted Objects 420 Necklace - Blunted Objects is a woman owned company featuring numerous epic cannabis necklaces. Perfect for 4/20, this gold-plated stainless steel necklace features the numbers “420” written in Old English. It’s a wonderful statement piece for those who want to let others know they love cannabis without being too loud.

The Apothecarry Case, Limited Edition - The Spencer Sunshine Yellow Limited Edition carrying case by The Apothecarry is the ultimate stash box. Featuring a yellow gloss finish with deep brown snake print interior, it’s as slick as they come. This case is odor resistant and locks so your cannabis goods are kept safe and fresh. It features a removable rolling tray, 4 strain system glass jars with humidity control lids and customizable re-writable labels, 8 humidity control packets, 4 dab containers with silicone non-stick coating for holding dabs, and more! It’s beautiful, well made, and stylish so go grab one before they sell out. This company is Black woman owned, started by Whitney Beatty who also owns Josephine & Billies, a Los Angeles based dispensary.


Pipe Dreams Coil Lighter - Appropriately named “The Perfect Joint Lighter”, this coil lighter by Pipe Dreams is a handy flame-free way to light your joints. It’s sleek, compact, rechargeable, and available in three beautiful colors. Just slide down the cover and you’re able to swiftly and evenly light your favorite pre-roll.

 My Bud Vase Rosette Bong - My Bud Vase produces beautiful bongs that double as vases. I love all of their designs so much - it was hard to choose only one! I decided on the Rosette because it’s available in three wonderful colors: aqua, coral, and mauve. My Bud Vase is great for those who need to be more cautious of their display of cannabis usage but still want to use a bong often. Hit it and hide it in plain sight by putting some flowers in it after smoking!

 Mood Ring Florida Citrus Kush™ Vape - There’s no kush like Florida Citrus Kush™. Teeming with trichomes, this strong indica-dominant hybrid totally hits the spot with its unmistakable rich and creamy spicy citrus flavor, true but subtle kush aftertaste, and mellowness that lasts and lasts and lasts. Mood Ring spares no effort to bring you this one-of-a-kind strain in an easy-to-enjoy vape that’s designed with the planet in mind: they blend natural botanical terpenes with premium distillate produced using their patented cold ethanol extraction process. Doing it this way minimizes their carbon footprint—and delivers a profile that’s strong and true. The vape mouthpiece is made with renewable hemp and biodegradable plastic, so it’ll biodegrade in just a few years—not millennia like most everyone else’s. Finally, every cartridge features a proprietary ceramic core with an embedded heating element to ensure consistent vaporization, even heating and retention of the terpenes. Say goodbye to overheating, burnt flavors and dry hits. Say hello to nothing but pure Florida Citrus Kush™ goodness!


The Healing Rose’s Gold Full Spectrum CBG:CBD Oil - Woman-owned organic wellness brand, The Healing Rose, has created the perfect addition to your daily cannabinoid wellness routine. Their Gold CBG:CBD Oil boasts a harmonious 1:1 blend of 1200mg CBG and 1200mg CBG per 1oz bottle in organic fractionated coconut oil. As CBD has become a normal part of everyone's wellness routine, minor cannabinoids are surging in popularity with CBG leading the way. Cannabgeriol or CBG is a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid that is similar to CBD in its effects on the body. Additionally, it stands out as the cannabinoid to help support gut and digestive health. The bottle’s metered, lead-free dropper makes customizing the exact amount of cannabinoids used each time easy to control and titrate.

Staze Container- The Staze vacuum sealing jar is a design-forward storage solution at its finest. These jars are sleek, combining a built-in vacuum pump, air removal indicator and completely smell-proof thanks to a 100% activated carbon filter. Adequate storage is vital and this charming device offers an effortlessly stylish way to maintain the shelf life, quality, and aroma of your cannabis. The proprietary vacuum sealing technology locks in freshness and eliminates the chances of mildew or mold to grow on your flower. With a minimal and aesthetic design, it’s a discreet travel companion for those on the go and perfectly crafted to take on any adventure. You’ll be proud to carry and even more proud to share!

Miss Weed Lighter -  This brushed gold stainless steel lighter is an absolute vibe. With a round, slim body, this must-have refillable accessory is most definitely not your average girly lighter. Whether you are looking to add a dose of lust to your everyday life or just want to keep it looking classy for the ‘gram, we’re here to help you make that statement.

The Dart One Hitter - The DART Company launched their most anticipated product, the DART Pro, right on time for 4/20. This finely crafted pipe is equipped with an ingenious built-in filter system, mesh screen, and ash-eject button. It is the ultimate tool for flower consumption and delivers a refined experience unlike any other. If you are a smoking enthusiast, the DART Pro will become your new favorite everyday carry.

Element Apothec Face Serum - Unleash your skin’s potential with Element Apothec Belle Visage Face Serum. Formulated with a custom blend of CBD, CBG and eighteen soothing botanicals and beneficial oils, this luxurious, doctor-formulated serum will leave your skin glowing! Made with only clean plant-based, Leaping Bunny-certified ingredients to create the cleanest face serum on the market and environmentally-conscious packaging: it’s a must-have for every skincare toolbox. This product minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restores your skin’s youthful elasticity, gently detoxes your pores without disturbing your skin’s natural microbiome and hydrates the skin without leaving you oily. 

Always High Embroidered Crop Hoodie - Founded by latina cannabis influencer, Cynthia AKA Queen Cyn, Always High is a cannabis lifestyle streetwear brand that lets you convey your love for being high right on your chest. I wear this cropped hoodie all the time - it’s super cozy and perfect for the LA weather. I’m also in love with the Always High “Today Was A Good Day Hoodie.” I asked Cynthia where her inspiration for the clothing line came from and here’s what she shared: “Shortly before the pandemic began, I taught myself how to create AR face filters for fun. I created a filter that I named “Always High” which basically had the Always High text under the eyes. We loved how so many people related to this filter & we just knew there was something more here. With the amazing help and support from my boyfriend (Rene Villalobos) we got serious and started building our baby. And on 09/01/21 Always High was born.

Bloom Honeydew Funk Budder-  Dazzle your tastebuds with fresh Honeydew Funk Budder. Dripping in Myrcene and fruity flavored terpenes, Honeydew Funk delivers a blast of sweet flavors that taste citrusy and fresh. This hybrid is very smooth to dab, bringing along a pleasant high. If you’re looking for a creative but calming effect, Honeydew Funk is the budder for you!

 Kiva Everything Bagel Dark Chocolate “Munchies” Bar - Two of LA's favorite local brands - Yeastie Boys Bagels and cannabis edible leader Kiva Confections - have teamed up for the ultimate limited edition product for 4/20: Everything Bagel Seasoning Munchies Bar. Yes --- you read that right: the ultimate high holiday duo! The limited edition “Everything Bagel Seasoning” Munchies Bar features an exclusive blend of the Yeastie Boys’ signature “Everything Bagel” salty seasoning sprinkled on Kiva’s cult-favorite cold water hash-infused dark chocolate bar, and is Dosed at 100 mg of THC per bar with 5 mg THC serving sizes. The collaboration is Kiva’s 2022 edition of their annual spring small batch Munchies Bar release. This funky fun combo is one that I know many cannabis consumers will enjoy!
Available in select dispensaries across California
Price: $20

Raw Garden Infused Joints - Raw Garden, the Santa Barbara based premier cannabis brand, is expanding into an entirely new product category with the launch of infused cannabis joints. These 100% pure cannabis joints are infused with micronized refined live resin crushed diamonds. Through the combination of high-quality flowers and concentrate, Raw Garden designed each joint to be as fresh, smooth, and consistent as possible. With a quality first mindset, these joints are designed to provide a premium smoking experience from start to finish - a product worth lighting up and sharing.

Betty’s Eddies Elderbetty Fruit Chews by MariMed - Betty’s Eddies offers a variety of flavors of their best selling fruit chews, my favorite of which is the Elderbetty for immunity. These fruit chews are infused with zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3 to help boost immunity and fight infection. Consuming one of these chews is a great way to get your vitamins with your cannabis, stay healthy, and be your best self on 4/20. Each chew is made with organic fruits and veggies, so you can have a sweet treat that you can feel good about consuming. Featuring 5 mg THC per chew and 50 mg THC per bag, this is a low dose and delicious treat!


Ayr’s Levia Seltzer -  There is something to be said for being able to consume cannabis as a drink. There’s no hurry or rush to keep up with a burning bowl or joint. Every sip tastes the same, which cannot be said for smoking or vaping, which is why I’ve been loving this Northeast-born-infused-seltzer, Levia. It contains simple, all-natural ingredients. They’ve managed to manufacture the drink with a rapid onset of effects, usually within 15 to 20 minutes, which means I can be social and not overdo it.


PAX Lie Rosin Cartridge - This 420, PAX is celebrating its new fresh pressed, solventless Live Rosin with Natural Diamonds, which delivers full flower, high purity and potency at an unmatched price to consumers across California, with plans to scale to other states. Building on a decade of quality and design, PAX recently launched a first-of-its-kind fresh pressed Live Rosin product, compatible with all Era devices. PAX’s Live Rosin delivers a pure, chemical free experience, with no harmful solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, or combustion byproducts. Available in 11 small-batch strains, including consumer-favorites like Blue Dream and unique cultivars like Tahoe Rose, these pods are available in .5G and PAX’s new 1G, with a ceramic atomizer for increased consistency and temperature control. PAX is also offering 20% off site-wide, 4/15-4/21, so now would be a good time to grab one of their Era Life or PAX 3 devices!

All Better Co. Don’t Scratch That CBD Pen - For those that will be celebrating 4/20 outside, you’ll definitely want to have the Don’t Scratch That Pen by All Better Co. on hand. This CBD infused pen is the perfect treatment for pesky bug bites - it helps sooth and stop the itch. I was thoroughly surprised at the efficiency of this product - I can attest - it truly works. Founded by two moms who met on the playground, the Don’t Scratch That Pen is a must have for spring and summer!

Alice Moon has business relationships with Ayr, MariMed, Mood Ring, and All Better Co.


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