Ohio Cannabis News: Cleveland Officials To Expunge More Than 4K Low-Level Marijuana Convictions

Cleveland officials are intending to expunge more than 4,000 low-level marijuana convictions (possession of 20 grams or less)reported NORML.

“Today’s event shows our commitment in the city of Cleveland to advancing criminal justice reform,” Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb said. “But it also gives folks all across the city and across this region a second chance at getting a good job and the quality of life that they deserve.”

The city administration examined records going back to 2017 though it noted it would review records from earlier years to find people eligible for expungement.

 “City officials should be commended for taking this proactive stance,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “Far too many citizens unduly carry the undue burden and stigmatization of a past conviction for behavior that many jurisdictions, and most Americans, no longer consider to be a crime. Our sense of justice and our principles of fairness demand that officials move swiftly to right the past wrongs of cannabis prohibition and criminalization.”

Cannabis In Ohio Review 

The Secretary of Ohio State’s Office confirmed at the end of January that cannabis activists have collected enough signatures from registered voters to put a marijuana legalization measure before lawmakers.

The Office validated more than 10,000 outstanding signatures.

In December, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol confirmed it had collected 206,943 signatures for a bill that would allow adults to buy and possess cannabis. It turned out later that they were lacking more than 13,000 signatures to put the initiative before legislators. 

With enough validated signatures, lawmakers have a four-month deadline within which to proceed with the legislation. If they reject the bill or approve a changed version, supporters can collect another 132,887 signatures to place the measure on the ballot in the next election.

Under the proposed bill, Ohio residents over 21 would be allowed to legally buy and possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana and 15 grams of concentrates, grow six plants individually and up to 12 in a household with several adults.

Ohio's medical marijuana program, legalized in 2019, allows residents with specific conditions to purchase edible cannabis products as well as flower.

Photo: Courtesy of Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

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