Rohan Marley, Son of Bob Marley, To Launch Cannabis, CBD Brand Lion Order On 4/20 In Michigan

Rohan Marley, Son of Bob Marley, To Launch Cannabis, CBD Brand Lion Order On 4/20 In Michigan

Rohan Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, is launching his own cannabis brand on 4/20: Lion Order.

The cannabis and CBD lifestyle brand is led by Rohan and an international collection of professional athletes, including Mike James, activists and visionaries who seek to celebrate the foundation of Rastafari-Cannabis culture and educate the consumer on the holistic lifestyle around the plant.

The roots luxury lifestyle that Rohan seeks to achieve as a brand can be described as the harmony of Rastafari heritage married with an upscale look and feel in both packaging and quality. Marley believes that Lion Order's quality of product is second to none because it exudes the five-in-one standards of premium high-grade flower: aroma, taste, aesthetic, stickiness and efficacy.

These essential standards that are deeply rooted within the roots of Rastafari history are what sets Lion Order into its own category. For Rastafarians, cannabis is a way of life because it creates unity and opens pathways of understanding and raises consciousness. 

“Lion Order represents the Lion of Judah. The way of man, Strength, Power, Courage, Determination. Doing things the right way. Moving as a King or Queen, moving with dignity, self-respect and wanting to be a part of a movement and a lifestyle,” says Marley. “It's a way of life and how one should live. Lion Order is a way for us to unite as a people, whether it's with cannabis, water, psilocybin, coffee or food. We want to get together around a table, all different ethnicities, different religions, nations and have a real talk about life and love.”

Partnering with Michigan's cannabis cup award-winning cultivator Heavyweight Heads, the brand will launch on April 20 with its own Lion Order IP strains. Marley will announce his complete product rollout in Michigan and other territories where Lion Order product will be sold this coming 4/20, the universal cannabis holiday of April 20.

"Lion Order is a movement of the highest order. It represents this industry and all that it encompasses with integrity, authenticity, equality, and justice. This is something that means so much to me being an activist who worked on the ground floor of legalization, and one of the pioneers of the industry,” adds Chloe Villano, CEO of Lion Order.

“When I connected with Rohan, we realized that we had the same values and the synergy was there to build a monumental movement, brand, and company, we knew that this would be bigger than we ever dreamed of. With the honorable legacy that Rohan Marley carries and the consciousness of the team and partners, this brand is a true staple of leadership, encompassing luxury culture and standards the industry has not yet seen.  We aim to create one of the largest, most successful roots culture luxury brands in cannabis while creating a movement of truth that changes the world!”

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