This Newly Patented System Promises To Revolutionize Cannabis Drying

Cryo Cure, a cannabis drying and curing process that works in as little as 12 hours, has been awarded a patent for “Systems and Methods of Cryo-Curing.” Patent #11,243,028, which takes effect Feb. 8, 2022, is issued to the company’s two founders, Tracee McAfee and Greg Baughman.

Cryo Cure’s technologies and methodologies allow cultivators to skip the hanging phase of drying, cutting the traditional processing time from weeks to hours. The resulting product looks just like it does on the plant, with no flower shrinkage and trichomes and terpenes perfectly intact. The flavor profile is preserved at the height of freshness, as opposed to traditional drying and curing, where color, smell and texture degrade during the lengthy drying and curing process. This now-patented process has earned Cryo Cured flower a reputation for “fresh from the farm” appeal unlike any other freeze-dried cannabis on the market.

The Cryo Cure process and machinery utilizes lyophilization, also known as freeze-drying. What makes Cryo Cure unique is the proprietary “recipe” built into their machines that allows the cultivator to successfully maintain optimal moisture and terpene content for smokable cannabis. No rehydration is necessary, as compared to using traditional commercial freeze dryers. 

“The Cryo Cure team has developed a system that will revolutionize how cultivators dry and cure their plants, and we are looking forward to sharing our machines and process with the global cannabis community,” said Ms. McAfee, Cryo Cure CEO. “Greg and I have worked very diligently to earn this patent.”

Currently, Cryo Cured cannabis and hemp is available at limited dispensaries in Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan and Massachusetts, with planned rollouts in Washington State, California, and Rhode Island by the end of 2022. 

International Expansion

Company leadership is in conversations with multiple MSOs and researchers internationally, including Canada, Jamaica, England, Portugal, Spain and Israel, to implement its systems.

Cryo Cure has also entered into a sales agent agreement with the South African company The Best Grow, which is the country’s major distributor of equipment and machinery for the hemp and cannabis industry. They will represent Cryo Cure throughout that region of the world.

“Cryo Cure has created the perfect drying and curing solution for the African cannabis and hemp industry. We are looking forward to introducing the Southern African territory to the wonders of Cryo Cured cannabis. Our clients are very excited to start using this technology in their operations,” said Larisa Martinez, Director of The Best Grow.

Cryo Cure has earned endorsements from legendary cultivators like Ed “The Guru of Ganja” Rosenthal, who has called Cryo Cure “a revolution in curing technology;” Danny Danko, who has said “This technology is a disruptive thing for our industry;” and Rick Naya, who has described “The quality and the feel of the cannabis [as] amazing.”

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