4 CBD Stocks in the Canadian Capital Market

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  • While most investors tend to focus on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV) currently hold assets of some of the most cutting-edge and promising enterprises in North America and beyond.
  • In the United States, there is no standard and comprehensive federal policy regarding cannabis products — leaving each state to regulate the industry according to its state lawmakers — giving the Canadian market a considerable advantage.
  • In recent years, from biotech and pharmaceutical companies to CBD (cannabinol) investment firms to recreational cannabis distributors, Canadian stock exchanges have become full of CBD-based commodities.
  • Some of these leading companies with rising assets on the Canadian market include InnoCan Pharma, Cannara Biotech, Ayurcann Holdings, and NexTech AR Solutions.

Rise of the Canadian Market

Today, the Toronto Stock Exchange (including TSX Ventures Exchange) lists over 2,000 stocks with a market cap of over $3.1 trillion dollars (CAD). Its sister exchange, the Canadian Securities Exchange, features almost 700 ranked assets with a market cap above $60 billion dollars (CAD). In comparison, the New York Stock Exchange lists over 2,400 assets with a market cap of over $26 trillion dollars (USD) and NASDAQ retains over 3,550 listings worth almost $19.5 trillion dollars (USD). Additionally, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany, another ascending platform for talented start-up companies, contains 765 companies and a market cap of $1.7 trillion dollars (USD).

Since the difference between the primary stock exchanges of the United States and Canada are staggering and could not separate the two further, there is a critical distinction. Presently, preeminent CBD-based businesses around the globe have looked to the Canadian market as the focal point of investment. How did America's northern neighbor challenge the world’s strongest and most thriving country for financial trading?

Over the preceding decade, there has been a prevalent public conversation in the United States on the legal status of cannabis and its place in the “War on Drugs.” Presently each individual U.S. state possesses the overall authority to regulate it without federal intrusion. As the national conversation continues into Joe Biden’s presidency, prominent high-tech operations utilizing CBDs and global cannabis brands are exclusively listing their assets on the Canadian Securities Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

InnoCan Pharma INNO IP INNPF

Founded in 2018 by some of Israel’s veteran biotech and pharmaceutical executives, Canadian-Israeli InnoCan Pharma specializes in the development of CBD-based solutions via smart delivery platforms to treat cell damage in the central nervous system (CNS) as well as external pain relief. In its effort to produce cutting-edge smart delivery technology, the company maintains strategic partnerships with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University — two of Israel’s leading research institutions.

Currently, InnoCan is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange INNO, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange IP, and American OTC Venture Market INNPF. Recently, the company added two accomplished executives and entrepreneurs: Richard Serbin, former Johnson & Johnson Vice President for Corporate Development and Peter Bloch, FDA Counsel and top health-tech executive who serves as CEO of Canadian medical device start-up BresoTec, Inc. In the past year, due to bolstered investor confidence and breakthrough research results, InnoCan Pharma’s stock increased by over 650% (according to its CSE value).

Cannara Biotech Inc. LOVE

Listed on the TSX Venture Exchange as “LOVE”, Cannara Biotech is one of Canada’s largest cannabis cultivation operations based in Quebec. As of now, Canada has positioned itself as North America’s most legitimate market for cannabis products, it also sustains some of the world’s most fertile farmland.

Utilizing innovative agricultural technology, including state-of-the-art lighting, irrigation, biomonitoring (close analysis), and robotic aids, Cannara’s industry presence is being increasingly recognized. For interested investors, Cannara’s (penny) stock sits at $0.14 (as of October 28th, 2021), though with a new and cannabis-friendly administration in the United States, the company seems to be expanding market reach in North America. 

Ayurcann Holdings AYUR 3ZQ

Established in 2018, Ayurcann Holdings Corp. is one of Canada's youngest but most distinguished cannabis extraction enterprises. The company, which specializes in the development of top-of-the-line cannabis-based products for the country's medicinal market. In recent years, Ayurcann has positioned itself as a “one-stop-shop” for Canadian customers, supplying clients with a comprehensive package, including extraction, refinement, packaging, fulfillment and distribution services.

Since entering the competitive Canadian market, Ayurcann has aimed to capture the industry by implementing a digital medicinal marketplace, which offers prominent CBD appliances and devices such as tincture, vapes, topicals and more. During the year of COVID shutdowns and legal restrictions, the company was able to launch an extensive partnership with the National Cannabis Distribution (NCD), one of Canada’s largest and most exclusive distributors of cannabis products.

Currently, Ayurcann Holdings Corp is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange as well as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, sustaining a balanced value over the past 5 years. Though, pending American legislation like the MORE Act, which aims to enact a wide-ranging federal cannabis policy, may result in an ever-robust tipping point for CBD stocks traded in Canada.

NexTech AR Solutions NTAR

While many neophytes and experienced investors are seeking hi-tech enterprises for sustained investment, one company believes it is at the forefront of introducing and enhancing augmented reality (AR) per the cannabis industry and beyond. Founded in 2018, NexTech AR Solutions’ innovative platform enables dispensaries to feature 3D and 360-degree image capturing to broadcast its cannabis products in a “digital storefront.” The company has already formed crucial partnerships with world-leading organizations and Fortune 500 corporations, including the United Nations, NATO, Johnson & Johnson, and Toyota.

As of November 1, 2021, NexTech AR Solutions’ stock is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange as “NTAR” with a present value of $1.50 per share, after multiplying to a high of $9.05 during the coronavirus pandemic. Though the company focuses on technological solutions, like digital platforms, human holograms, website portals, and more, its mission is to increase online sales. With prospective changes in America’s cannabis policy and the growing strength of cannabis investors in Canadian stock exchanges, NexTech anticipates embarking beyond its traditional market and reclaiming much of its lost stock value.

Disclaimer: The author was paid for this independent analysis of the company, and it should not be construed as investment advice of any kind. Investors should make their own decision as to the buying and selling of traded securities at their own discretion. 

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