Curaleaf's Select Mixes Up THC And CBD Products, Surprise And Confusion Ensue Among Consumers

Curaleaf's Select Mixes Up THC And CBD Products, Surprise And Confusion Ensue Among Consumers

Select, the Oregon cannabis brand owned by Curaleaf CURLF made headlines again for committing another substantial mistake with possible serious health implications, wrote Oregon Live.  

This time, the cannabis producer also known as Cura Cannabis, mixed up its two lines of products - one with CBD and the other with THC, causing confusing states for some of its consumers who were not expecting to get stoned from their CBD drops. 

Oregon state regulators had to recall the brand’s 1,000mg unflavored Select CBD drops, labeled as “Broad Spectrum,” but in fact contained THC. And then the brand’s 1,000-mg bottles of unflavored, Select THC Tincture had to be recalled for not containing THC.

Those who purchased either of these mismarked products can return them to the shop where they were purchased or destroy them.

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission confirmed Friday that it had revealed why people were getting high after using CBD products made of hemp and that the oversight occurred at the company’s production site in Portland.

“After our preliminary investigation, we believe this mistake occurred due to unintentional human error,” Curaleaf announced in a brief, if embarrassed statement Saturday morning, adding that it will work on improving its quality controls and beef up training of its production workers.

Previously, Select was slapped with a $110,000 fine because of “dishonest conduct” for inappropriately labeling a line of vaping products as 100% marijuana.

It is still unknown what penalties the company can expect after this latest debacle. 

Price Action

Curaleaf’s shares were trading 0.82% lower at $12.19 per share at the time of writing Monday morning.

Photo: Courtesy of Uday Mittal on Unsplash

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