Sweet Earth Holdings CEO: Align Your Products With Key CBD Leaders, Especially If They're In California

Sweet Earth Holdings CEO: Align Your Products With Key CBD Leaders, Especially If They're In California

Peter Espig, CEO of Sweet Earth SE 1KZ SEHCF products, refers to himself as a “weekend warrior” who very much appreciates the brand’s medical benefits of CBD, CBN and CBG, the cannabinoids secreted within the resinous parts of the cannabis plant.

Sweet Earth is a vertically integrated "farm to shelf" hemp grower with grows in Applegate and Medford, Oregon. These maintain a full line of hemp and CBD products for the U.S. and global market. In July 2021, the company announced that its sales were growing both online and in retail shops.

Also recently, Sweet Earth representatives, including spokesperson and CFL/NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, appeared on Kathy Ireland's Health and Wellness Show, which is always a positive sales booster.

What makes Sweet Earth’s CBD products different or better than the myriad brands already in the marketplace?

From a business point of view, in addition to the farm and harvesting expertise, the company chose its allies with care, Espig explained.

“We quickly aligned ourselves with key leaders within our targeted products. For example, rather than research how to make our industry-leading hydration cream, we teamed with a top West-Coast based spa product provider. This allowed us to leverage their 20 plus years spa experience with our CBD expertise,” Espig told Benzinga. “We recognize that we don’t need to play every instrument, but that every orchestra needs an effective conductor.”

Sweet Earth, which went public in May 2020, wisely chose Espig as CEO, he assumes because of his public market experience, thus allowing the team to focus on business execution while he focuses on public market initiatives. Espig is also CEO and director of Nicola Mining Inc. NIM HLI.

It also helps to have positive scientific feedback.

The company undertook a series of bioavailability studies and product development with NAVCO Pharmaceuticals Limited, a laboratory in Ontario. The study, "Skin Redeemability for Body Creams" tested the bioavailability, safety and efficacy of Sweet Earth’s lotions by better understanding permeability.

“We base our products on research and, more than our peers, spend a lot of time understanding efficacy and bioavailability of product based on micro/molecular properties and ingredient combinations,” Espig said, adding that the company will soon be publishing a significant research paper highlighting the superior penetration of Sweet Earth's product vs peers and the impact of various nano-attributes of the CBD on efficacy.

Espig stressed that the industry needs science-based consistency at every level of product development.

“Although there is a significant amount of research on CBD and its positive effects, it is at the university/research institute level. Generally, most CBD product producers are akin to bakers, in that they combine acceptable ingredients, without really understanding product bioavailability and ingredient-specific efficacy,” he concluded.

Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Earth

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