Do You Fancy Fancy Weed? Here Are 5 High-End Cannabis Products For A Luxurious High

Do You Fancy Fancy Weed? Here Are 5 High-End Cannabis Products For A Luxurious High

This article was originally published on Flowertown, and appears here with permission.

Of the many terrific byproducts of legal cannabis, perhaps the best is that consumers no longer have to deal with buying untested products from the illicit market. In states with legal weed, those days are long gone.

As the industry continues to evolve, luxury products like gold-plated bongs and vegan organic edibles are making their way to market. That’s right: legal cannabis has led to regal cannabis.

Of course, the cannabis industry shouldn’t ever discriminate — and fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options out there — but the demands of high-end consumers are being met as well.

So check out some of our picks for the best high-end cannabis products on the market. One could come in handy for the upcoming holiday season if you’re trying to treat your loved one to some swanky dank, guaranteed to provide a luxury cannabis experience.

1. Lowell Farms Pre-Rolls

The Santa Barbara-based Lowell Farms, has been making smoke in the cannabis industry for years by mastering the art of the joint. Their specialized pre-rolled joints, known for their captivating design, vintage-style packaging, and green-tipped matches, are sleek and sexy. Check out Lowell’s selection of luxury pre-rolls here. All joints are packed with top-quality flower, in a crafty box with a compartment for matches.

2. Beboe Pastilles

Beboe is a luxury brand specializing in high-end cannabis products. Beboe pastilles, which come in Inspired (sativa) or Downtime (indica) options, are delicious candied edibles that contain 5mg of THC and 3mg of CBD. Made with cold-water processed hash, they provide a clean, subtle, euphoric high. You can find these luxury cannabis items at the High End, tucked away on the fifth floor of Barney’s in Beverly Hills, a specialty retailer renowned for featuring the world’s top designers. That’s a fancy place to buy edibles.

3. Sensi Luxury 14k Rose Gold Vape Pen

Sensi Luxury Vapes bring consumers luxurious vaporizers with flawless quality and eye-catching features. Of their many appealing offerings, their 14k Rose Gold Luxury Vape Pen is designed for the vaping connoisseur to produce deliver highly potent clean vapor in a sleek, discreet manner. It’s perfectly sized for your pocket — and with its 14k rose-gold plated finish, it pairs nicely with a Rolex.

4. Aura Waterpipe

This high-end smoking apparatus could be displayed on the coffee table of a Beverly Hills mansion. Not your typical bong or bubbler, its beautiful, innovative design starts with the tapered glass chamber and is topped off with a matte black mouthpiece and downstem that enhances each hit. Plus, the mouthpiece has a hidden storage area for your lighter. Take a look here.

5. Printabowl

Printabowl creates 3D-printed “elevation instruments” for smoking cannabis. The Printabong water pipe provides a spacious full-color customizable canvas, which allows you to personalize high-quality American glass pieces with art of your choice. It has a beaker base that accommodates huge hits, and a built-in ice catcher to ensure it pulls cool and steady. This could be the ideal gift if you are looking to go super-personal. Check out the details here.

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