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PharmaDrug Dives Into DMT Research With The University Of Michigan

March 17, 2021 3:22 pm
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PharmaDrug Dives Into DMT Research With The University Of Michigan

Pharmaceutical company PharmaDrug Inc. (OTC:LMLLF) — which focuses on cannabis, psychedelics and naturally-derived medicines — has launched a sponsored research agreement with the University of Michigan to study the psychedelic DMT.

The research will be led by Dr. Jimo Borjigin, in an effort to develop novel therapeutic strategies for DMT using animal models.

“I have a long history in studying DMT," said Dr. Jimo Borjigin. "I have dedicated my research in understanding how the brain functions and its effects on the heart in normal and abnormal states that can translate to relevant clinical uses.”  

A Pharma Focus on DMT: The company stated that it’s strategy around the pharmaceutical development of psychedelic therapies will revolve around the DMT molecule.

“Our research collaboration with the University of Michigan and its commitment on consciousness science is essential to our psychedelic pharmaceutical strategy of creating a unique portfolio of DMT therapies targeting rare disorders while also focusing on foundational research with DMT to explore and evaluate its therapeutic potential across all physiological areas of the human body,” said CEO Daniel Cohen.

Photo by Hans Reniers on Unsplash


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