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Joe Rogan Partners With Kill Cliff To Create Flaming Joe CBD Beverage

December 4, 2020 2:16 pm
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Joe Rogan Partners With Kill Cliff To Create Flaming Joe CBD Beverage

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan is launching a new CBD beverage in partnership with an energy drink company Kill Cliff.

Flaming Joe is a spicy jalapeño pineapple combination containing 25 milligrams of CBD, coming from 125 milligrams of broad-spectrum hemp, B-vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts.

The new beverage is with no sugar and without artificial ingredients, the Atlanta-based company confirmed. It’s available to order online.

“It’s amazing how much good you can get out of a 24-kilogram kettlebell and a can of Kill Cliff CBD,” stated Rogan, a well-known CBD advocate.

John Timar, Kill Cliff’s president, said Friday that collaboration with Rogan was “a really cool experience” for them.

The producer of all-natural performance beverages debuted on the CBD market last year by launching KILL CLIFF CBD.

“Kill Cliff is by far the best tasting and healthiest energy drink available,” John Brenkus, the company’s CMO, disclosed. “I’m honored to be part of the clean energy drink company that is literally disrupting the industry.” Brenkus, the six-time Emmy-Award winning creator, host, and producer of ESPN Sport Science, joined Kill Cliff in February.

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