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Coming to you from high (very HIGH) in the hills of Oakland, California, hosted by Steve DeAngelo, "the father of the legal cannabis industry," Radio Free Cannabis is the voice of the global cannabis freedom movement.

Translated into 195 different languages, RFC features news, discussion, and commentary of interest to people who love the cannabis plant and understand it as a force for peace and justice. Today there are hundreds of millions of us on Planet Earth, and collectively we are larger than all but the largest nations.

If all of us who love cannabis can figure out how to talk to each other, and how to take common action, we can change this world into the one we all really want to live in.

Catalyzing that dialog and building that decision-making structure is the mission of Radio Free Cannabis.

Episode 11: Cannabis & Comedy With Jim Belushi

In this episode, Steve explores the connection between cannabis and laughter with Jim Belushi, the great comedic actor, storyteller, musician and now cannabis farmer.

The episode starts with a hilarious look back at Ancient Greece and ends with a deep look into Jim's new Discovery Channel show, Growing Belushi. Along the way, they visit Colombia, evaluate the modern cannabis industry, and share their deepest feelings about how the death of each of their brothers influenced the course of their lives. 

Check out Jim's upcoming TV series on Discovery.

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