Social Media Darlings Oli White And Evie Marcer Launch CBD Line

A few days ago, British YouTube star Oli White launched a CBD line with his girlfriend, Evie Marcer, under the moniker UNIQUE CBD.

The brand is now available in the U.K. Its debut product, UNIQUE CBD Day Drops, comes in the form of an oil tincture, featuring 1500 milligrams of CBD with a peppermint flavour.

As part of the company’s “transparency mission,” each UNIQUE CBD product comes with third-party lab testing reports and a certificate of analysis.

White, who has more than 2.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, told Benzinga that he and Marcer are “no strangers to anxiety, stress and the pressures of everyday life.”

Looking for some relief, they were introduced to CBD by a close family member.

“Whilst testing and researching many brands on the U.K. market, the lack of transparency from brands due to the absence of regulations around CBD in the U.K. became very apparent,” he added. “We felt that we couldn’t find a product that we could fully trust, and if we couldn’t, how could anyone else?”

This led Marcer and White to spend months sitting down with doctors and scientists who specialize in the field, really educating themselves on the benefits of CBD.

“We then partnered with a neuroscientist to create our own oil, a unique formula originally meant for personal use only,” he said. “We created a product that was high quality, that we knew we could TRUST and was free from nasties and potent smells and tastes. This oil became an essential supplement to our everyday health routine and we decided to bring it out to the public, in a bid to help those who like us are looking to improve their wellbeing.”

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