New Cannabis Products: Hard Seltzer, A Music Collaboration And New Nectar Vape Pens

As the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Each week, Benzinga puts together a short list of the most interesting new cannabis items:

Harbor Hemp’s Hard Seltzer

Connecticut-based Harbor Hemp Company launched its Calm Seas CBD-infused seltzer.

“The next logical place for us to expand our product line is with seltzer, which is a very hot drink right now,” said Glen Boggini, co-founder of Harbor Hemp Company.

In black cherry flavor, the zero THC and non-alcoholic seltzer retails for $16 per four pack of 16 ounce cans.

Biggini's brother David added: “Through our many years of working with beverages, we were taught to only source the best ingredients, and that’s why Harbor Hemp only uses hemp that is US grown, non-GMO and pesticide free.”

Green Dot Labs’ New Music Collab

Boulder, Colorado-based concentrates brand Green Dot Labs (GDL) partnered with genre-defying band Rainbow Kitten Surprise (RKS) for its latest music collaboration.

Named after a fan favorite RKS song, THAT’S MY S#!T features a vape cartridge filled with a half gram of pure, additive-free live resin grown and extracted by GDL and a custom-branded universal battery.

Inspired by their mutual passion for cannabis GDL & RKS worked together to develop a floral, gassy flavor profile that finishes with earthy melon notes.

“Music and weed connect people everywhere, whether they’re at a live show or enjoying their favorite band from the comfort of their couch," Green Dot Labs Chief Creative Officer David Malone said. "We are proud to be partnering with these incredibly talented musicians to honor the creative spark and sense of community created when cannabis and art come together.”

Flower by Edie Parker

Flower by Edie Parker released THC and CBD nectar disposable vaporizer pens and cartridges.

The vape pens will be exclusively available in MedMen MMNFF dispensary locations across California. The newest vaporizer nectar pens and cartridges are available in three offerings:

  • Early Bird - A light and creative flavor, 3:1 CBD to THC ratio, pairs well with a morning hike or mid-afternoon coffee.
  • Happiest Hour - Party perfect, this 2:1 THC-dominant blend is for a good time hanging with friends or a night out dancing. 
  • Nightcap - Our heaviest hitter with a 10:1 THC-prominent flavor is best used before your bubble bath, bedtime, or any relaxation ritual.  

 “When we launched Flower by Edie Parker last year, it was our goal, inspired by MedMen's example, that individuals engage with cannabis like any other brand that sparks joy in their lives," Founder and Creative Director Brett Heyman shared. "Since the brand launched over a year ago, Flower by Edie Parker continues to celebrate cannabis and the value that it brings to people's lives, while supporting organizations whose mission is cannabis criminal justice reform and de-stigmatization of the plant with the Edie Parker Foundation.”

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