Cannabis Inhalers: The Next Big Thing For Asthma And Cancer Pain Relief?

By The Fresh Toast's Nicole Skrobin, provided exclusively to Benzinga Cannabis.

To meet and fulfill the demands of people who need immediate relief but cannot or choose not to combust cannabis, Israeli scientists have created cannabis inhalers.

Asthma, lung diseases, and various respiratory issues are several reasons why people opt for cannabis consumption methods other than smoking. Although cannabis is consumed by millions of people, certain delivery methods aren’t particularly suitable because of one’s physical health. Fortunately, though, individuals can consume cannabis orally and sublingually, apply topical products on their skin, and even use transdermal patches. Inhalation via vaping is another option, which doesn’t have the same health ramifications as combustion does.

To meet and fulfill the demands of people who need immediate relief but cannot or choose not to combust cannabis, Israeli scientists have created cannabis inhalers. They’re intended to alleviate pain caused by cancer and to deliver medicinal benefits to individuals with respiratory issues like asthma. How do these cannabis inhalers work exactly though, and when will they be available to the public?

Collaboration Between Panaxia Pharmaceuticals & Rafa Pharmaceuticals

Recently, Israeli scientists have focused their efforts on creating the most effective and beneficial cannabis inhaler possible with the intent to help people with not only acute and chronic cancer-causing pain but also those with respiratory problems. Even though consuming cannabis through an inhaler is a new way to use the herb, this method is still being tested to ensure that all kinks will be resolved before the public has access to this product.

The two Israeli companies that have collaborated with each other and already got the ball rolling are Panaxia Pharmaceuticals and Rafa Pharmaceuticals. Then, not long ago, Panaxia released information about the operation of new clinical trials at the country’s Ministry of Health. The intention of conducting clinical trials is to get a better understanding about the bioavailability of cannabis via inhalers with accurately measured controlled doses.

If you know someone who might benefit from cannabis inhalers, registration for these clinical trials are now open. According to Dr. Dadi Segal, Panaxia’s CEO, the following was stated about cannabis inhalers and the product’s clinical trials:

“The clinical trial is performed as part of the registration procedure of the new products, which we are about to launch in Israel this year in collaboration with Rafa. Through access to cannabis inhalers, and subject to a medical specialist’s recommendation, we strive to help more patients suffering from acute pain. The inhaler will provide patients that are unable or unwilling to smoke the right to be treated consistently and precisely.”

How Do Cannabis Inhalers Work?

Most of you are probably familiar with traditional inhalers used by asthma patients and those with respiratory issues. How are standard inhalers different than cannabis inhalers though? For starters, all cannabis inhalers contain an attached vaporizer, which allows medical patients to fill in their ideal doses of a cannabis extract or concentrate, which will then be inhaled.

The cannabis extract or concentrate that’s added into the vaporizer will contain a measured dose of active ingredients. As a result, there will be little confusion about dosing since the patients can choose their desired dose rather than it being pre-selected for them.

Who Can Benefit from Cannabis Inhalers?

One of the main intentions of unveiling cannabis inhalers is to offer a new way for people to gain medical and therapeutic relief from cannabis and different cannabinoids. Individuals with cancer, various forms of pain, terminal illnesses, and even asthma can benefit from using these inhalers. Rather than experiencing throat irritation and/or breathing difficulties often caused by smoking, individuals can consume accurately measured doses of cannabis extracts or concentrates to experience the relief they need.

Additionally, those with debilitating or near-debilitating medical conditions, diseases, and/or illnesses can likely benefit from using cannabis inhalers once they’re available. Then, if individuals don’t want to wait more than ten minutes or so to reap the benefits they need from cannabis, cannabis inhalers can be used to experience not only fast-acting relief, but also well-being improvements.

Projected Debut Date for Cannabis Inhalers

Furthermore, the cannabis inhalers will be promoted and marketed by Rafa Pharmaceuticals while clinical trials are underway in Israel. Panaxia Pharmaceuticals also expressed that they plan on officially distributing their cannabis inhalers under the Rafa Pharmaceuticals brand.

When will these inhalers be available to the public? So far, it has been reported that they will likely be sold at different Israeli pharmacies this year. With a medical specialist’s prescription or recommendation, Israeli residents will be able to use a cannabis inhaler sometime this year to see how it can help them.

If everything goes as planned with Israel’s clinical trials and if cannabis inhalers are available to the public in Israeli pharmacies this year, would you consider trying one if you had the opportunity to? If so, what are your reasons for giving it a chance? Let us know your thoughts on this innovative product in the comments below!

Photo by coltsfan via Pixabay

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