What To Know About Cannabis Europa Madrid 2020

Spain remains one of the largest cannabis markets in the world, despite not having legalized recreational or medical cannabis federally yet.

This comes as a surprise to many, considering 84% of the population seems to support it, in a country that boasts a rich history of cannabis social clubs and a prosperous testing and pharmaceutical industry.

The juxtaposition of these two approaches to cannabis, along with a lack of clear legislation, is hindering Spain’s potential to influence the cannabis industry on a global scale. Cannabis Europa Madrid is bringing together leaders in politics, science and business to facilitate the conversations necessary to bring about legislative and regulatory change.

Cannabis Europa will host a series of panels featuring expert speakers such as:

  • Piernicola Pedicini, MEP, European Parliament
  • Luis de Palacio, Secretary General, Spanish Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Dr Bruno Maia, Neurologist, Hospitals of Central Lisbon
  • Prof. Manuel Guzman, Vice President, OEDCM
  • Dr Veronica Codesido Sampedro, Manager of the Breeding and Cultivation Department, Phytoplant

“Cannabis Europa is a catalyst for change, we have created a platform that assembles both global and local leaders across health, policy, science and business to share insights, solve problems and shape the future of cannabis in Europe. Spain is one of the few remaining markets in Europe to address the need for access and regulation of medical cannabis,” Stephen Murphy, co-founder of NOBL and event organizer, told Benzinga. “Cannabis Europa will explore what the cannabis industry can learn from Spain's highly regarded innovative approach to healthcare and in return, pave the way for legalization of cannabis in Spain and positioning it on the world cannabis stage.”

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