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Leafly Announces Order Integration With Cova POS System

Leafly Announces Order Integration With Cova POS System

The cannabis information platform Leafly announced Tuesday that it has extended its cooperation with retail software company Cova to bring order integration to cannabis retailers, increasing performance and delivering a better consumer experience.

Order integration aligns Leafly Pickup orders immediately with a participating retail partner’s Cova point-of-sale system, facilitating the processing of new orders and helping retailers to fulfill orders — and offering the possibility of having an inventory report in real time.

Retail stores that have tablets for completing self-orders will be integrated into the system so customers can manage their purchases and skip lines, enabling them to do an automatic check-out.

Cova is the first POS system to allow order integration with Leafly Pickup orders.

“We are thrilled to work with Cova to bring even more value to Leafly Pickup clients with order integration,” Paul Barry, Leafly's chief technology officer, said in a statement.

“Integrating Leafly Pickup orders directly into a retailer’s POS is a competitive advantage, saving time and resources, and ultimately, improving the consumer’s purchase journey.”

Cannabis consumers need to have the ability to shop however they want, Cova Software CEO Gary Cohen said in a statement. 

“Cova’s robust retail platform works seamlessly with Leafly’s industry-leading tech to enable that experience. Shoppers can browse the largest online cannabis marketplace, reserve what they want, and conveniently skip the line when they pick it up. For retailers, it’s a chance to turn all that traffic toward their store and into loyal customers.”

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