5 Questions About New Frontier Data's Recently Launched Cannabis Data Marketplace

At the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference last month, cannabis research provider New Frontier Data announced the launch of its Equio Data Marketplace, a resource that will give investors and others in cannabis access to more industry research. 

Benzinga exchanged emails with New Frontier Data to get a little more info on what exactly the platform is offering.

Benzinga: What kind of data is offered on Equio? Is there any area of cannabis specifically not covered?

Giada Aguirre De Carcer, New Frontier Data Founder & CEO: Our Equio online platform provides digital, visualized and interactive access to a combination of quantitative and qualitative data in the form of raw streams, indices, market benchmarks, curated news and analytical content across both vertical and geographic segments. Equio is primarily targeted at market or financial researchers and analysts, whether within the cannabis industry or outside looking in, so most data and business intelligence delivered addresses some financially material aspect of the cannabis space.

Benzinga: Can you provide some specific examples of what datasets somebody might find?

Giada Aguirre De Carcer: Within the Equio Data Marketplace, users downloading, for example a Data Bundle on our Global Cannabis Report: 2019 Industry Outlook will have access to total cannabis consumer data sets by region, consumption figures by region, as well as the various underlying data points supporting global market sizing to include both legal and illegal sales. Data sets in our Cannabis Consumer, Archetypes and Trends Data Bundle include insights from our survey of over 3000 cannabis consumers on things like frequency of use and average cannabis spending, as well as consumer behavior profiling data.

Benzinga: How do you compile the data offered on the platform? Does it all come from New Frontier Data, or are their third party data sets included?

Giada Aguirre De Carcer: New Frontier Data has provided data aggregation capabilities for years now. We leverage our big data engine to ingest, normalize (scrub), and process publicly available data, our proprietary data (whether collected via our own surveys or purchased) and licensed third-party data, which we have rights to via dozens of partnerships across the industry. All the data on our Equio platform is further processed and analyzed to ultimately deliver fact-based actionable cannabis business intelligence.

Benzinga: Is data offered in real-time, or is it more evergreen reporting?

Giada Aguirre De Carcer: Due to the still fragmented and maturing nature of the cannabis industry data infrastructure, not to mention the lack of standards across data collection and reporting, we mostly provide evergreen reporting, except for public market indices, news curation, and some additional market benchmarks.

Benzinga: Can data from Equio be piped into other platforms, or is it only viewable on the Equio platform?

Giada Aguirre De Carcer: Both. We can set up APIs for electronic data communication with our partners, and also provide Equio subscribers the ability to download reports, graphs, and certain data sets from Equio’s Data Marketplace in a variety of formats.

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