New Cannabis Products: Tablets, Smart Storage, Holiday Kits, Softgels, Pre-Rolls, A Child-Resistant Vape

November 2, 2019 12:00 pm
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New Cannabis Products: Tablets, Smart Storage, Holiday Kits, Softgels, Pre-Rolls, A Child-Resistant Vape

As the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products launched recently.

The Dose Dial, By Dosist

The dose dial by dosist is the latest innovation in dose-controlled cannabis, delivering a single 3.7mg dissolvable tablet with the turn of a dial.

The dose dial tablets are comprised of precise blends of THC and CBD, along with complementary ingredients for effectiveness and taste. The dose dial will be initially offered in dosist's two most popular formulas, bliss and calm dosist leveraged a proprietary encapsulation process to protect the tablet's potency and ingredients, designed for a faster and more complete absorption to create an optimal and sustained effect.

Every dose dial device contains 30 tablets and retails for $30. Currently available at dosist's two wellness experiences in Los Angeles, the official wholesale distribution launch of the product will begin Nov. 1 across California with other markets on the horizon.

“Our mission at dosist is to empower people to naturally manage their health and happiness,” said dosist CEO, Gunner Winston. “With the introduction of our dose dial we are providing a new way for consumers to experience the benefits of dose controlled cannabis therapy in a new delivery format, a discreet dissolvable tablet dispensed from a dose-controlled, certified child-resistant device. Dose control and safety are at the core of what we do, and we feel this product truly represents the next innovation in cannabis therapy.”

Toast’s Emerald Pre-Rolls

Aspen-born Cannabis brand Toast launched Emerald, a line of full-spectrum hemp pre-rolls.

Available in 10, 5, and 2-packs starting at $18, these pre-rolls are created with sustainably-grown, full-spectrum hemp, designed to deliver the benefits of CBD. With 100 mg of CBD per Slice, Toast is perfect for sharing with friends and on-the-go.

"Since we launched, we have been inundated with requests from across the country for Toast, but had limited distribution due to regulation around Cannabis," founder Punit Seth told Benzinga. "With Toast Emerald, we are able to give consumers access to the Toast experience legally across the country. Toast Emerald delivers full spectrum hemp in its rawest and most effective form factor; it is CBD you can feel more quickly and is easy to enjoy on your own or with your friends from coffee to cocktails. Toast Emerald provides a great feeling of active calm without the psychoactive effects of THC found in Cannabis.”

Lowell’s Holiday Gift Sets

This holiday season, Lowell Herb Co. has gifts that will make you smile.

Covering all the festive bases, Lowell Herb Co. offers a Chanukah 5g Flight, a secret stash Home for the Holidays 5g flight coffee-table book, a stuffed Stocking as well as holiday-themed packs and single joints.

At price points all under $100, and most under $55, these gift sets and smokes are the perfect host gift to elevate all your holiday parties, for any adult on your list, and ones everyone will want at White Elephant parties.

Quicksilver’s Softgels

Quicksilver Scientific is seeking to address the challenges of bioavailability with the release its first softgel product using a proprietary technology and an innovative Self-Emulsifying Delivery System (SEDS) that allows vitamins and supplements (such as curcumin and CBD) to absorb into the bloodstream quickly, in as little as 20 minutes.

The first product to utilize the new patent-pending SEDS Technology is CBD Synergies-PN, which was developed to support healthy balanced responses to physical discomfort and persistent bodily stressors with a blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, Quicksilver Scientific’s Curcumin Complex, boswellia and the terpene β-caryophyllene. 

“Some supplements such as curcumin have enormous health benefits but just don’t work well in our traditional liquid format," said Dr. Christopher Shade, Founder and CEO, Quicksilver Scientific. "Our new Self-Emulsifying Delivery System (SEDS) provides high bioavailability and absorption while avoiding the flavor of the hemp and other raw ingredients.”


There are over 20 veteran and active duty member suicides each day, and that number continues to grow as those suffering are not receiving treatments that work for them. The traditional way to treat symptoms of PTSD has been to have a doctor prescribe a bunch of pills, but that wasn’t cutting it for Green Beret veteran Adam Smith. Adam went from sitting on a couch, drunk, suicide note on the table, praying for a miracle, to helping launch TACTICAL RELIEF, a hemp-derived product designed specifically with the goal of helping veterans finding a different way to treat PTSD.

"I may have decided to leave the military, but I am once again on a mission. This time, it’s to help those who suffer from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries to find a different choice of treatment," Smith said. "Tactical Relief is about giving people a different option other than taking huge amounts of pills to medicate away symptoms… This is not a miracle cure, there is true science that demonstrates how the compounds found in cannabis interact with the body. It is time to exercise our freedom and liberty, and make a different choice… There are so many that suffer in silence, and it simply doesn't have to happen. We have the freedom to choose a different path. Tactical Relief was a step on my own personal path to becoming better."

Kanvas’ Child-Resistant Vape

Kanvas announced its newest vape technology, a certified child-resistant disposable vaporizer. The innovation lies in its proprietary push-and-turn locking technology which disengages the battery to prohibit use of the device.

"We are pleased to have made this stride in hardware innovation and be the first to deliver a truly child-resistant solution to the market," CEO Andy Fathollahi said.

The child-resistant disposable vaporizer by Kanvas also features the brand's temperature-controlled dosing technology, Vapetelligence™, and is crafted from food-grade 18/10 stainless steel hardware with a ceramic core and a DualLock snap-on compression fit mouthpiece that eliminates tampering and leaks. For more information about Kanvas' Child-Resistant Disposable Vaporizer, visit their website.

GreenWay’s Nutritional Supplements

GreenWay Herbal Products, a botanical innovation company, announced an upcoming product line resulting from a 10-year, $2.5 million licensing research agreement with Middle Tennessee State University.

The grant studied medicinal plants, including hemp and its cannabinoid components including CBD and CBDA.The grant licenses GreenWay to manufacture and sell nutritional supplements. The first of these products will be available in the next few weeks to consumers.

"As a result of our grant at MTSU, and within the next few weeks, customers will be able to experience a university patent-pending CBD product line. With so many CBD products coming in to the marketplace, it is important for consumers to trust the source. I'm excited to be part of the CBD conversation in a way that raises the bar on what we should all expect in this industry” Jeff Heeren, CEO of Greenway Herbal Products, said.

KEEP’s Smart Storage Device

Lastly, we have KEEP, a smart storage device designed specifically to keep cannabis secure in the home.

With a sleek and intentional design, patent-pending KEEP uses biometric authentication with WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, while the app sends users push alerts to their phone in the event anyone attempts to access or move the device. Every detail was carefully thought out, including a rolling tray, humidity and temperature monitors, a designated area for accessories, clear sortable internal containers and a built-in scale to keep track of inventory from the app.

The KEEP launches Nov. 7 and will retail at $199.

“The stigma around cannabis is changing,” Philip Wilkins, Co-Founder KEEP Labs said. “We designed KEEP to discreetly blend into any home, allowing cannabis to be kept responsibly, not hidden.”

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