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Exclusive: Dope Magazine Founders Launch Cannabis Events, Marketing Business

September 4, 2019 3:38 pm
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Exclusive: Dope Magazine Founders Launch Cannabis Events, Marketing Business

Last year, High Times acquired Dope Magazine for a little more than $11 million, freeing co-founders David Tran and James Zachodni to pursue new projects.

That time has come: the two are announcing the launch of Farechild, an “all-inclusive event production and marketing platform for the emerging cannabis industry and beyond.”

The official launch party is Dec. 12 in Las Vegas.

The idea behind this company is solving some of the aches that cannabis event producers suffer from on a daily basis.

These range from limitations on marketing; to compliance and regulatory issues; to ticketing, banking, venue curation and promotions. Some services are already available ahead of the company's official launch.

Click here for more information about the upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Oct. 22-23 in Chicago.

Photo by Josh Flynn.

Farechild will seek to provide producers with the necessary tools to execute their plans without hiccups.

Features include a ticketing platform that is receptive to cannabis events, a “curated list of cannabis friendly venues, a match-making network for sponsors and event producers to connect and a powerful marketing channel of cannabis enthusiasts,” the founders said. 

“With each passing day, events become a more vital part of the human experience,” said Zachodni, Farechild’s CEO.

“People spend the majority of their day staring at screens. Farechild will facilitate connecting people together in real-life. Whether it's a small educational seminar or a 20,000-person festival, Farechild provides the tools necessary for success.”

Tran and Zachodni are no strangers to party planning. Their Golden Ticket parties, which they started hosting in 2008, are both famous and infamous.

“The plant has been connecting people for a long time. Its very nature is about inclusivity, community and sharing,” said Tran.

“As founders of Dope Magazine, we have been fortunate to create some of the most impactful events in the cannabis industry —events that created opportunities for cannabis consumers and businesses to align and grow together. Building Farechild allows us to continue to be in the center of the cannabis universe, empowering an amazing ecosystem.”

Disclosure: The author contributes to Dope Magazine occasionally.

Photo by James Langer and Jordan Swenson.

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