Elon Musk Creates A Buzz With Joe Rogan Interview

"I'm not a regular smoker of weed," Tesla, Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk told California comedian Joe Rogan on a podcast late Thursday.

In case you didn't stay up to catch the wide-ranging interview, Benzinga's got you covered. Here are the notable bits.

  • Running a car company is hard. Musk told Rogan that captaining Tesla is the hardest of all his endeavors — and his endeavors include space travel.
  • The impetus behind Musk building and selling 20,000 flamethrowers? A line in the 1987 film "Spaceballs," in which the proprietor of a merchandise shop shows off his flamethrower, exclaiming, "The kids'll love this one!"
  • And yes, Musk took a puff of what's been described as a joint of tobacco mixed with marijauna, which is legal in California. Musk set a price for his recently retracted go-private deal for Tesla at $420, which some perceived as a marijuana reference.

While a few media outlets attributed the weakness in Tesla shares Friday to the smoke session, the stock would soon see more significant headline risk.

In a Friday morning SEC filing, Tesla revealed that Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton is resigning less than a month after taking the job, citing the company's fast pace and "the level of public attention" on the company. Not long after, it was also reported the company's human resources chief Gaby Toledano won't be returning from leave.

Tesla shares were trading down nearly 7 percent at $261.45 at the time of publication Friday. 

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Screenshot courtesy of the Joe Rogan Experience via YouTube. 

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