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FreightCasts Weekly Recap (3/2-3/8)

FreightCasts Weekly Recap 3/2-3/8

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  • FreightCasts Special Report — VIP Access: Nuclear verdicts, zombie carriers, deadbeat brokers and haunted houses

    • Cassandra Gaines and Dooner sit down at Freight Alley during this live event with top industry VIPs to discuss nuclear verdicts, zombie carriers, deadbeat brokers and haunted houses.
  • "What The Truck?!?" — FMCSA vs ELDs, airlines lose $113 billion, and why "This is the delay" for Baby Yoda
    • Dooner and Hill talk about a former Uber exec who filed for bankruptcy after losing a $179 million dispute with Google, the FMCSA going after rule-breaking ELDs, and coronavirus costing commercial airlines a $113 billion loss.
    • Plus, Lean Staffing CEO David Bell is in studio to talk staffing and how Colombia is rapidly becoming the Silicon Valley of South America.
    • Zach Strickland walks us through the TruckStop/SONAR data deal and what that means.
    • Kevin Hill and Dooner "Put That Coffee Down" as they wrap up their freight sales survey on objections. Also, Good News Bad News concerning the coronavirus and Hollywood, why Disney told Dooner he'd have to wait for his Baby Yoda toys, an issue with nuclear verdicts finally getting addressed, and who is your brother's wedding date?
  • "What The Truck?!?" — Industry conferences cancel on coronavirus concerns
    • Dooner and Chad are back from a busy news weekend that saw the coronavirus claim its first U.S. victim, cause major conferences to cancel, sputter retail supply chains and spread into more states.
  • "Great Quarter, Guys" — Truck vs. intermodal: Which is the better choice?
    • This week, intermodal guru Mike Baudendistel joins Kevin and Andrew to discuss the decision-making process involved in choosing between trucking and intermodal. We also discuss the most recent Passport Research report on the coronavirus and Nikola Motors going public.
    • Thanks again to CarrierDirect for their research contribution to this episode.
  • "Put That Coffee Down" — How to get hit and keep on coming in freight sales
    • Dooner and Hill talk about the hardest word for a salesperson to hear: "No!" They take on objections and discuss ways to take them, overcome them, and rework them in their favor.
    • Who better to discuss objections with than an attorney? They'll welcome Cassandra Gaines into the booth to discuss how she has learned to plead her case in the face of objections — and why you should never argue with a potential buyer over them.
    • Plus, listener feedback, advice and community building!
  • "Freightonomics" — Coronavirus update and the main functions of a freight forwarder
    • Zach and Anthony talk about the latest coronavirus developments in transportation, the main functions of a freight forwarder and recent economic developments.
  • "On The Spot" — Robust volumes in major markets; food buying is up
    • Zach and JP Hampstead talk about how consumers are spending more on groceries than normal, which is translating to higher volumes for this time of year. Fears of the coronavirus could be causing "panic buying."
  • "Drilling Deep" — From the TCA meeting, passing the torch to a new generation of leaders
    • In this week's "Drilling Deep" podcast, host John Kingston sits down with Dave Heller of the Truckload Carriers Association at the TCA's annual meeting in the Orlando, Florida, area.
    • Dave led a panel of several "next-generation" leaders at three smaller truckload companies. How are their views different from those of the generations before?
    • Dave will talk about that and what else he heard at the biggest meeting of the truckload sector.
  • "Fuller Speed Ahead" — Netherlands and global trade
    • FreightWaves Founder & CEO Craig Fuller chats with Stan De Caluwe with the Holland International Distribution Council about the Dutch logistics industry and the representation of overseas manufacturing companies in Europe.
  • "FreightWaves Insiders" — Inside the founder's studio with Craig Fuller
    • FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller has gotten ahead by forecasting the needs of the market and the wants of his audience.
    • Badass personified.
    • From industry blog to freight news leader. How FreightWaves was built on data, journalism and attitude.
  • "FreightWaves LIVE" — Tech investments improve Delta Cargo's business
    • Take a FreightWaves Flashback to #FWLive Chicago 2019 where Eric Wilson, managing director of global cargo sales for Delta Air Lines, conducts this session on how tech helped improve Delta's efficiency in serving both passengers and cargo.
    • Optimization and data utilization are sweeping the nation on air, sea and land. Get data at the speed of light with SONAR.
  • "FreightWaves Morning Minute" — (Monday-Friday)
    • The fastest minute in freight.
    • The top headlines from every weekday morning. Available on, your favorite podcasts player and Alexa by adding the skill "FreightWaves."
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