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Using Spreads To Trade Nonfarm Employment News


Nonfarm Employment Change is released monthly. It brings trade opportunities on the Friday it is released but also on the Wednesday before. Automatic Data Processing, Inc. releases its estimation of the change in the number of people employed, not including the farming industry. This report, coming out Wednesday, April 5, at 8:15 AM ET, favors a high probability trade using an Iron Condor setup utilizing Nadex EUR/USD spreads.

The trade can be entered as early as 7:00 AM ET for 9:00 AM ET expiration. To set up the trade, one spread is bought with its ceiling where the market is trading at the time while Another spread is sold with its floor where the market is trading at the time. With that, the ceiling of the lower spread meets the floor of the upper spread and is where the market is at entry. Each spread could have a profit potential of $15 or more for a combined potential of $30.

The two spreads are setup to profit on a pullback. If the market makes a reactionary move just after the news is released, either long or short, and then pulls back to somewhere between the two spreads, the trade will profit. If the market pulls back to center, directly between the two spreads and is there at settlement, then max profit is achieved. Basically, the market can settle anywhere between the two breakeven points of 30 pips above and below from where the market is at entry and some profit will be made.

Stops for a 1:1 risk reward ratio are approximately 60 pips above and below from where the market was at entry. To get a visual on profit and loss for each spread based on 15 pip moves in the market, see the below chart.


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