For Over 20 Years, Has Helped Customers Get Access To Affordable Dental Healthcare –- Their Plans Can Be Used With Medicare

For Over 20 Years, Has Helped Customers Get Access To Affordable Dental Healthcare –- Their Plans Can Be Used With Medicare

Though millions struggle with sickness every year in America, many people are more afraid of exorbitant medical costs than they are of the health risks associated with putting off treatment. Uncertainty over healthcare costs or available financial resources deters 35% of people from seeking the treatment they need. 

More than 63 million people are enrolled in the government’s Medicare program. Through Original Medicare coverage, these people — those older than 65, disabled youth and dialysis patients — get access to affordable healthcare, though regular dental care is not included. This year, the open enrollment period, when users can add, switch or modify their Medicare coverage, is from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7.

About 24 million have dental insurance coverage as part of Medicare Advantage, a separate health insurance plan through approved insurance carriers. One company looking to increase people’s options when it comes to accessing affordable dental care is, which provides a marketplace of dental saving plans where patients can shop for a plan that best fills the gaps they may have with their Medicare coverage.

This could be great news for Medicare patients looking to amplify their dental coverage. Neither Original Medicare nor Medicare Supplement covers routine or regular dental treatments, and while Medicare Advantage does include dental, it works the same way as private insurance. The annual caps are frequently low, meaning patients can be left with large out of pocket expenses, while coinsurance costs can be up to 50% of the original price. Regardless of their coverage type, customers can save when they choose to include a dental savings plan. 

The Solution Where You Can Plan On Savings is an online marketplace where users can find more than 30 dental savings plans accepted by over 140,000 dentists across America. For over 20 years, has helped customers get plans that give access to affordable dental care, and these plans can  be used in conjunction with Medicare.

Operating like a membership club like Costco Wholesale Corp. or Sam’s Club, plan members pay a low annual cost for their dental savings plan, and then receive savings at the dentist all year long. These savings are not subject to annual limits or health restrictions, and surveyed customers using dental saving plans indicated savings of 50% per dental visit, though savings vary based on provider and location. prides itself on being the largest marketplace where customers can find membership to a host of plans that feature low-hassle signups and quick plan activation.

One example of how those with Medicare can benefit from dental savings plans are dentures. Dentures are not covered under Original Medicare, which is composed of hospital and medical insurance (Parts A and B). While Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) may include dentures, for many it is still worth getting a dental savings plan in conjunction with Medicare. 

This makes dental savings plans an attractive option for those with both Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Dental savings plans often include procedures like dentures and cosmetics, as well as helping lower dental bills after Medicare Advantage coverage has been maxed out. 

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