5 Things That Are Harder To Get Than A Gun In The US

5 Things That Are Harder To Get Than A Gun In The US

May 24, 2022, marked a dark day for the United States. Nineteen children and two adults were killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde County, Texas, spurring further calls for gun reform in the country.

“It’s time — for those who obstruct or delay or block the commonsense gun laws, we need to let you know that we will not forget. We can do so much more. We have to do more.” said President Joe Biden as he addressed the nation following the shooting.

Each time disaster strikes in the U.S., sports figures, celebrities, and politicians demand reform, action, and unity as a nation.

Uvalde was no different; former Golden State Warriors guard Damion Lee left reporters speechless as he murmured these resounding words, “It’s easier to get a gun than baby formula right now, and that’s unbelievable,” while also mentioning he is afraid of when his newborn is old enough to attend school.

So, are guns really that easy to buy versus other things? Well, the state where the buyer resides will determine how long they must wait to acquire a gun. The time it takes to purchase a gun might range from a few minutes to several days.

Different waiting periods for guns are mandated by state and federal laws.

We looked around the internet and found 5 things that are harder to buy than a gun in the U.S., here they are.

Before we get into the list; do you remember the outdoor dart game, Jarts? The Consumer Product Safety Commission outlawed the sale of all lawn darts in the United States in December 1988 after determining that they were harmful following the deaths of three children (4, 7, and 13-year-old), who were killed by the pointed darts.

Okay, here’s the list.

1. A driver’s license

One of our Editors at Benzinga shocked me when he said, “One thing that's harder to buy than a gun is a car. You have to get a license, take a course, take a test, and sometimes apply for financing.”

He’s not wrong. The road test for a driver's license typically takes 20-30 minutes, and you have to take a written exam — after that, your picture is taken, and your license is issued. The entire process can take hours.

2. An abortion

In the state of Florida, the waiting period to buy an assault rifle does not apply if the purchaser successfully completed a 16-hour hunter safety course and holds a hunter safety certification card.

However, before an abortion procedure may be done, a woman who wants to end her pregnancy must have an ultrasound, in-person counseling, and wait 24 hours.

3. A cosmetology license

No waiting time is mandated by law before buying a gun in Arizona, private sellers are never subject to background checks, and a permit is not required to carry a concealed weapon.

However, it takes 1.5 years and 3000 hours, including a minimum of 250 to 288 hours of related training, to obtain a cosmetology license in Arizona.

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4. A divorce

A divorce must take at least one month in Arkansas. The divorce decree must be entered after 30 days have passed from the filing date. Realistically, a divorce can be finalized in 45 to 60 days if all parties are on board.

Arkansas has no law requiring firearms dealers to initiate background checks prior to transferring a firearm, and the state is not a point of contact for the national instant criminal background check system (NICS) database, which means background checks must be initiated by firearms dealers, which requires contacting the FBI.

5. Adoption

To adopt a child in Texas, you must be at least 21 years old and in good health. It will often take six to nine months. The age and gender of the child you can parent may determine how quickly they are placed with you.

Texas has no laws regarding a minimum age to possess a firearm. The state does not require a permit to purchase, has no magazine capacity restrictions, no registration laws, no bans against assault weapons, and does not require a license to own.

Original publication: 2022-07-12

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