Can Investing In U.S. Farmland Really Help Keep Food On Your Table? - How Inflation Might Actually Be Helping This Sector

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Inflation rates in the US continue to float above 8%.  With your purchasing power diminishing, how can you get ahead?

While nothing is full-proof, historically assets like real estate and collectibles have kept up with inflation.  There are several types of real estate you can invest in: commercial, residential, etc.  One real estate niche that usually flies under the radar is farmland.

Farmland has seen an average annual return of over 11%, outpacing bonds, gold, CDs, commercial real estate, and more.  Land, in general, is scarce and therefore always a solid option for investing; what separates farmland, though, is the opportunity for several revenue streams.  During inflation food prices rise, causing farmers to receive higher crop prices, making their land more valuable. Food is an asset that is always in demand, even as prices soar.  Demand may grow even further, given rumors of potential food shortages.

If you don’t have the capital, green thumb, or ag skills to start your own farming company, consider Acretrader.  Acretrader provides you the opportunity to buy shares of U.S. farmland and earn passive income.  Investors will be able to scan available farmland based on: crop type, gross cash yield, and net annual return.

In March of this year, AcreTrader expanded Series B funding to $60M.  Hype is growing around this tech company whose aim is to make farmland a mainstream asset class.  Be early and get started today!

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