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The One Financial Move You Can Make From Your Couch

The One Financial Move You Can Make From Your Couch

Everybody’s tackling their to-do list from home these days. You can deposit Grandma’s handwritten check from your phone, queue up your grocery order and line up Chinese delivery for dinner without leaving your couch.

You can even get some of your serious business done from the sofa. Ladder makes it fast and easy to apply and secure life insurance in minutes. If you’re ready to shore up your to-do list and tackle life insurance now, check out Ladder for quick, customizable coverage today.


What Makes Ladder Unique?


Ladder allows you to apply for coverage, receive approval and activate coverage all within minutes. Instant gratification! No need for the dreaded blood draw, phone interview or snail mail paperwork of other life insurance apps.

Best of all, Ladder makes it easy for you to increase or decrease coverage through your account login at any time. Ladder up or down as needed as you see fit.

It’s common to start a term policy if you have young children, but you might not want as much coverage as the kids near graduation. Once you purchase a home and commit to a mortgage, a policy increase makes sense to ensure your family can make payments in the event of your death. And years later, you could build a nest egg that means your savings alleviates your need for term life insurance.

This feature is a game-changer in the life insurance industry. You hold the power as the policyholder instead of an agent, and tech puts the power to make the switch in the palm of your hand.


What’s the Big Deal?


A life insurance gap, basically a lack of coverage, has been a major issue in the U.S. for years. New York Life cites millennials as the most at risk, with just 10% self-reporting they have the life insurance they need.

This means only 10% of a generation has the coverage to make sure there’s funding for a mortgage, education or retirement in case of a death. Life insurance can bring financial security, and Ladder makes it easier than ever.


Tools of the Trade


If you’re a life insurance newbie, no problem. Ladder’s simple life insurance calculator helps you determine your best coverage. Enter your mortgage or rent, other debts, number of children and other info for policy recommendations.

Ladder also outlines a basic guide to life insurance. You’ll find definitions to basic terms and a great outline to help you break down whether or not you even really need a life insurance policy right now. Comb through all 4 chapters to gain your personal expertise before you buy.


Backed by Trusted Partners


Ladder is a startup but it partnered with Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company to issue LadderLife™ policies. In New York, Ladder has partnered with Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York to issue policies in New York. The company is borne of tech and innovation, but it feels good to buy from a provider backed by experience in the industry.


Check Out Ladder Today


Jump on Ladder’s website to start the streamlined questionnaire and request a quote. Or go all in and apply right away. You’ll probably receive your approval before the Chinese arrives — you’ll never need to leave the couch.


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