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. Upon visiting the site for the first time, readers will be greeted by a message from its founder, Casey Stubbs. “Winners Edge Trading is about helping forex traders to learn to trade,” he wrote. “If you need help in any way, contact me at
or on
. We will be with you every step of the way. We will walk with you through difficult times and we won't forget what it is like to be a struggling trader. We will work directly with you during hands on trading because that is how people learn. Our Team is dedicated to your success. We have a goal and vision to empower people to become professional traders. Join with us today.” It's not everyday that a company's founder offers up an e-mail address and encourages questions and comments. But that's just the kind of guy Stubbs is, which is one of the reasons why Winners Edge Trading has been so successful. “The primary purpose of Winners Edge Trading is to provide technical analysis via our website,
,” Stubbs told Benzinga during a recent interview. “It's for the currency market versus specific currency pairs, like the euro and the dollar or the pound and the yen.” “We take different currencies and we give technical analysis,” Stubbs continues. “Also, we will produce some tutorials on trading strategies on how to effectively trade the currency markets in addition to some techniques and other types of trading on our website. That's all provided free of charge, and we produce articles every day. Besides that, we also have a more in-depth service where we provide personal training done via Trading Room – everyday, during the markets. That's pretty much what our service provides. We've been doing this since January of 2009.”
The Webinar Edge
When asked about the specifics of the Winners Edge Trading webinars, Stubbs explained why there are three each day. “The reason is because it's live market conditions and the live market conditions are always changing, and it depends on your time zone,” Stubbs said. “We run the third session after 2:00 a.m. Eastern time, so it's geared more toward people in Europe. And it's the live trading conditions at that time. “So they keep coming back because every time they look at the market there's a different criteria, different things happening. So every day you look at the markets, you're looking at something new, so they come back to get our analysis – each day and each session.” While the webinars are cut down when reposted online, they tend to run for an hour during the live sessions. “When I repost the video, it will be less because I cut out some extra stuff, like if I do two questions, or some introduction, some things that are not necessarily important to our videos but is necessary for the webinar,” Stubbs said. “When I do a video, it's pure content. It usually runs a full hour, but usually it's a five-minute introduction, 30 minutes of actual training, and 15 minutes of Q&A. But generally we try to go for one hour.” For those who miss any of the webinars, Stubbs said that he usually tries to post the videos two to three days after the live session. “It doesn't take long for us to get them out at all,” he said.
The Trading Room Edge
During the interview, Stubbs took a moment to tell us about the site's Trading Room. “Since the currency market is 24 hours a day, we are open three different times,” Stubbs said. “We're open during the New York trading session, we're open during the Asian trading session, and also the London session.” Stubbs estimates that the Trading Room remains open for the first three hours of each trading session. “What happens in there is that we do the technical analysis of the major currency pairs, just like we do on the website,” he explained. “The only difference is that this is done in real-time. “We do the analysis of the pair, talk about strong resistance and support levels of the day. We talk about the current trends and talk about different things that could occur during the trading session. We will also discuss certain money management techniques and how to effectively manage your account to reduce and stop losses.” In addition to the Trading Room, Stubbs said Winners Edge Trading also contains a library of educational videos that are provided to all members. “Whether they're advanced or beginner, they can jump into right where they're at, as we have our videos built for beginner level all the way to advanced, talking about every aspect of the currency markets,” Stubbs said.
The Tutorial Edge
To build Winners Edge Trading's in-depth tutorials, Stubbs said that he and his team start by picking a topic. “We'll run through exactly what it would take to learn a certain skill, going step-by-step,” Stubbs said, providing a simple example: “what is a candlestick?” “To somebody that has been trading for a long time, that is pretty simple. Or at least it seems simple. But to a beginner, they may not know anything about candlesticks. So we will start from the very beginning with the definition, explaining what it is.” From there, Stubbs said that Winners Edge Trading goes step-by-step, showing “exactly how you would read a candlestick, the fact that there's an opening price and a closing price, and the high of the session and the low of the session.” “Once you learn how to read it, we will explain how to use it in your trading, possibly finding certain formations and setups that you like to look at,” Stubbs adds. “In addition, we like to make it in written tutorial form and also in video form. We understand that people like to learn in different ways. Some people like to learn by reading, and other people prefer to watch a video. I know myself I would probably rather read about it than watch a video, so that's why I put both online.”
The Membership Edge
If you want to take your Winners Edge Trading
to a whole other level, Stubbs recommends that you sign up for the premium service. “The price for becoming a member is $149 a month,” he said. “That's a recurring fee, every month, automatic. The benefits are that you have access to instructors. And that is all the time. Whenever you need it, you can just send an e-mail and we'll give you the instruction that you might need. From a regular webinar, you would not have that same accessibility.” “Of course, I think that our advanced trading videos are a huge benefit,” Stubbs adds. “You don't just get the webinar, you also get training, and the video course. The amount of videos in our private area is about 50 videos.”
The Feedback Edge
Finally, Stubbs said that he
appreciates when people come to his site and leave comments and feedback “because we're always trying to make the experience as good as possible for the reader.” “The service was developed for the reader, and that's who we are currently working for,” Stubbs said. “We like to hear back from people and we always respond. Most of our improvements are because people have asked questions or made comments.” If you want to see what Winner's Edge Trading is all about, visit the site at
where you will be prompted to try a complimentary video course.
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