VETS Indexes Spearheads Investments In Companies That Hire Veterans: 'They Kept Doing Better'


The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted mass business closures and layoffs, introducing uncertainty and economic hardship nationwide. 

One organization that aims to help America’s frontline service members integrate back into society is VETS Indexes, a thematic index provider with a core mission to provide investors exposure to socially responsible companies that support America’s veterans and frontline responders.

“We need to help companies that are doing great things continue to do great things,” said Karl Snyder, chief market strategist and managing director at VETS.

Snyder is well aware of the hardship and importance of caring for those who sacrifice for the country. 

Prior to joining VETS, he served in the United States Marine Corps with the 5th Battalion 10th Marines 2nd Marine Division as a non-commissioned officer and was deployed with the 24th MEU for Operation Continue Hope in Somalia.

“We need ways to give back. Not just to give back, but to also have a meaningful impact,” Snyder said about his organization’s importance in helping society return to normalcy after the coronavirus.

When the country emerges successfully from disaster, the men and women that fought hardest must be assimilated back into society, he said. 

VETS, alongside partner organization Pacer Financial, recently introduced the Pacer Military Times Best Employers ETF VETS, allowing investors the opportunity to directly support and own a stake in the companies that are most inclusive of frontline workers.

“The unique skill set and value proposition that veterans bring to the workforce is second to none,” Snyder said in a statement regarding the strong performance of organizations that have best practices for hiring and mentoring veterans.

"Over the last three years, the annual return has been 17.3%," he said. "Broad base, these companies kept doing better."

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels. 

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