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Artificial Intelligence Company Yewno Brings AI To Financial Research With Yewno|Edge

Artificial Intelligence Company Yewno Brings AI To Financial Research With Yewno|Edge

Investing is all about identifying relationships. A change in this data point will affect that asset. A change in that asset will affect this other asset. This domino effect can ultimately wreak havoc on an investment portfolio.

Of course, there’s an almost infinite amount of possible connections between corporate activity, macro- and micro-economic indicators and other global events that can influence the financial markets at any moment. Figuring out how to parse all of that data has become the new name of the game for Wall Street.

Artificial Intelligence company Yewno is aiming at revealing the intricacy of these hidden relationships with its new Yewno|Edge investment research platform, which launched last week.

Yewno|Edge features AI-driven company information pages that display, amongst others, real-time pricing, market anomalies, sentiment indicators, and portfolio exposure insights. The platform also offers a strategy builder capable of screening millions of relevant data points along thematic criteria around which users can build and back-test an entire portfolio.

Yewno’s ‘Concept Extraction’

The core technology powering Yenwo|Edge is its patented Knowledge Graph. Through its machine learning-based computational linguistics engine, Yewno|Edge goes beyond the recognition of words and phrases to analyze their context, extract concepts and make inferences about market-related headlines, announcements or even rumors. It uses this analysis to form conceptual frameworks that draw connections between sometimes disparate events or information in order to illustrate the exposures and risks present within a single company or across an entire portfolio.

Drawing from hundreds of sources as varied as alternative data and selected news feeds to Wall Street chatter, Yewno|Edge looks to form usable information on complex or ill-defined concepts influencing the market like “Trade War” or “Autonomous Vehicles.” These insights are then applied to thematic structures related to those sectors or companies that may be impacted.

“Yewno’s mission has always been to transform information into knowledge through the power of

Artificial Intelligence,” Yewno CEO Ruggero Gramatica said in a press release announcing the platform’s launch. “Yewno|Edge’s true advantage lies in its ability to draw inferences from across hundreds of data sources to deliver actionable insights to the user.”

The Butterfly Effect

The breadth of data sources from which Yewno|Edge draws its conceptual maps promises to offer comprehensive assessments of both apparent and hidden relationships across the financial markets.

Company information pages, for example, incorporate business relationships, corporate news and concept exposures into their summary assessments. The wide-ranging scope of this information provides users an entirely novel perspective on the factors influencing a particular company, possibly even those not on the radar of either fundamental or quantitative analysts.

This includes market rumors and events, which the platform’s anomaly detection & real-time sentiment tools specialize in ferreting out. Through alert algorithms and concept-based searches, users can quickly learn the factors influencing their portfolios with access to inferences and alternative data along with primary documents and sources.

Speaking to the comprehensive insight of the platform, Yewno VP of Product Development Tharsis T.P. Souza said, “The release of Yewno|Edge marks not just an expansion for Yewno, but an historic moment in our industry. Yewno|Edge equips more investment managers, analysts, and advisors with alternative data than ever before.”


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