Why Is It Moving? Analyzing The Upward Movement in Aeterna Zentaris's Stock Today

Aeterna Zentaris's Stock Price And Volume Action

Aeterna Zentaris's AEZS stock is trading up 16.54% to a price of $1.09. The stock's volume is currently 7.78 million, which is roughly 83.1% of its recent 30-day volume average of 9.36 million.

Why It's Moving

Benzinga Pro's real-time breaking news service shows some insight into what is affecting shares: Aeterna Zentaris shares are trading higher. Not seeing any company-specific news to justify the price action.

Insights On Recent Price Action

The moving average price of the stock over the past 50 days was $1.18 at the time this article was published. In the past fifty-two weeks, the stock price has been as high as $3.62 and as low as $0.29.

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