Claudio R. Serafini
Randal (Alex) Serafini, MS
Co-Founder & COO
Sumeet Murarka, MBA
Dr. James Tsai, MD/MBA
Ophthalmic Medical Advisor
Dr. Deborah McGuinness, PhD
Machine Learning Advisor
Dr. Namrata Saroj, OD
Ophthalmic Technologies Commercialization Advisor
Dr. Rebecca Kammer, OD/PhD
Test Design and Clinical Validation Advisor
New York City, New York 10029, US


Retina Technologies was founded by five medical students in 2018 who wanted to find a way to make quality vision screening accessible to underserved populations using advanced digital technologies. When working as volunteers in clinics located in these communities, they saw too many patients with undiagnosed, advanced vision loss. What was most alarming was the discovery that with early diagnosis and treatment, 80% of these patients would still have their vision. Their mission, ultimately focused the team on primary care physicians (PCP) as an ideal path, or workflow, to bring comprehensive digital vision screening to virtually any community, anywhere. The solution had to be simple, quick, and provide consistent, trusted results. With this goal in mind, OcuVue™ was designed from the ground up to be an affordable, comprehensive, end-to-end vision screening solution that brings PCPs, vision care providers, and vision specialists closer together for the prevention of blindness. *The OcuVue™ prototype and associated technologies are not commercially available.