Fady Boctor
President, Chief Commercial Officer
Mitch Arnold
VP of Finance, Chief Accounting Officer
Robert Weinstein
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Andy Gesek
President of Timm Medical Technologies (subsidiary of Petros Pharmaceuticals)
John Shulman
Executive Chairman of the Board
Josh Silverman
Vice-Chairman of the Board
Greg Bradley
Board of Directors
Wayne Walker
Board of Directors
Bruce Bernstein
Board of Directors
1185 Avenue of The Americas 3rd Floor, Suite 570 New York, NY 10036 United States


Petros is a Men’s Health pharmaceutical company that aims to develop complementary therapeutics designed for a man’s journey, often, we believe, centered around the ones he loves and lives for. Petros aims to revolutionize the art and science behind the way men approach their health emphasizing the critical elements of medication adherence, tolerability, preservation of organic function and the restoration of vitality. Each element approached within an integrated and interdependent perspective, targeting tangible enhancements to their health outcomes. Ultimately, Petros seeks to establish new foundations to Men’s Health that center around the whole of a man’s life and function.