Dan Alvarez & Carlos Marcelin of CRM Jewelers Share Their Business Advice

Dan Alvarez & Carlos Marcelin of CRM Jewelers Share Their Business Advice

Luxury watches are proof that time is the most precious thing we have today. A luxury watch is more than just an elite purchase; it is an asset. And going by the advent of technology and digital worlds today, these exclusive timepieces can be considered an investment too. CRM Jewelers, a luxury watch and jewelry brand, has been striving to make its customers realize this fact before making a purchase. The brand has grown exponentially over the years through its personalized approach to its clients and, of course, its limited-edition collections. 

CRM Jewelers was founded by Carlos Marcelin, who always shared a love for limited edition timepieces. He currently heads the brand as its president. His business partner Dan Alvarez heads the company’s marketing operations, taking the brand to a new height through a strong social media presence. Currently, CRM Jewelers has over 1 million followers across all social media channels. The brand is popular in the space for a viral video on a Cuban link chain that has already earned over 24 million views on YouTube. 

The journey of CRM Jewelers started with 5 luxury watches. Due to extreme budget constraints, the brand could not afford a large inventory, but their business strategies and high-end products escalated the business to its present position. CRM jewelers have expanded their range from low-margin high-end watches to high-margin products like jewelry, watch accessories, precious stones, jewelry accessories. The brand specifically catered to high-income clients but is now targeting a much wider income group across the world to scale up the business. 

CRM Jewelers offers a wide range of luxury items at retail level. The products can be delivered to anyone living in any state across the U.S., including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The brand also caters to international customers who can personally come and pick their products in Miami. CRM is soon going to tap into the e-commerce market and is also planning to launch franchises to increase the number of stores across the world. 

\CRM Jewelers focus on educating its customers about their purchase. While many brands may try to convince the client to buy a high-end high-margin timepiece, CRM ensures clients learn about the resale value of the piece they are paying for. To achieve this feat, CRM Jewelers creates educational content to help customers make informed decisions. 

CRM Jewelers posts this content through their various social media handles like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and Twitter. CRM has a strong presence on YouTube because of the recently launched reality show CRM Life. The idea behind the show is to take the CRM family working behind the brand to the followers to maintain a higher level of transparency. The process that goes into crafting these exclusive pieces has built a lot of interest among CRM fans. 

The brand is now planning to expand its client base by shifting its collection from low-margin products to high-margin products that are more affordable to large income groups across the world. CRM’s upcoming merch collection is focused on this customer demographic.

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