Call Of Duty League Players Speak Out Against Servers

Activision Blizzard's ATVI "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" is the first title in the franchised Call of Duty League (CDL).

The inaugural season started off as planned with scheduled home series events, but the coronavirus slammed the league into an online-only format. The CDL quickly shifted into a new schedule as players set up to compete from home, and as expected, issues appeared.

Frustrations shown by players resulted in fines and apologies, but the issues surrounding the league have remained.

The issue surrounding servers has been complained about for weeks as players experience lagging during matches. In the recent London Home Series, the Paris Legion fell beneath connection issues during the Grand Finals. Dallas Empire sealed the final victory, but even its players are agreeing that the servers are an issue.

On Twitter, Dallas Empire player James "Clayster" Eubanks addressed the servers: "Hey, we won, so I can't get roasted for being salty, but it's completely unfair that the server selections vs Paris are CA, TX, and IL. We veto CA 'cause they're 4 CA, they veto IL because it's the furthest away from all of them, and they're stuck playing on a TX host. So unfair. Needs to be more servers spread across the US."

This inevitably gave Dallas a huge advantage, with the team finishing the series 3-0.

Paris Legion player Conrad "Shockz" Rymarek replied to Clayster, thanking him for addressing the server issues. With the "Call of Duty" postseason approaching, and the championship looming in the near distance, the server issues desperately need to be addressed for competitions. Unfair advantages will continue to create turmoil in the league.

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