How Traders4ACause Benefits The Trading Community

Committed to promoting trader education and building an altruistic trading community, Zach Schellhaas organizes events for his nonprofit organization Traders4ACause.

Aside from his position as executive director for T4AC, Schellhaas comes from an extensive background in marketing and advertising - bolstering his expertise when facilitating the most crucial information and education for traders.

Schellhaas also runs his own consulting firm and formerly served as account manager and trader for S-Lab trading.

Don’t miss out on hearing from Zach Schellhaas and other traders in person at the Benzinga Global Trading & Investing Summit June 20 in New York City.

About T4AC

Since its inception in 2013, Traders4ACause is best-known for its annual fall conference in Las Vegas, which heavily promotes community growth, fundraising and education. Keeping consistent with a focus on making a difference, the nonprofit strives to provide inspiration, awareness, education and charity to those who are less fortunate than successful traders.

Following several requests over the years to produce an event on the east coast, Traders4ACause will join forces with Benzinga in New York City with an impetus on inspiring the trading community to give back.

"We were founded with a goal: to captivate, motivate, and inspire traders and financial professionals to succeed - while striving to advocate a culture of philanthropy and altruism; empowering them to make a difference in the world by donating to worthy causes,” Schellhaas told Benzinga.

"Traders4ACause is proud to be a part of the Benzinga Trading Summit, which promises to be an outstanding opportunity for attendees to learn, network, and share ideas with one another. Benzinga's commitment to support Traders4ACause through this event and partnership exemplifies the principals we so passionately advocate."

Where To Spot Schellhaas

Learn how Zach gives back to the trading community on June 20 at Benzinga’s inaugural Global Trading and Investing Summit.

Zach will be joined by over 20 of the world’s most successful financial minds in an intimate, educational setting demanded by Benzinga readers.

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