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January 17, 2020
Infinity Auto
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Infinity Insurance offers a wide range of property and casualty insurance products. It has strong ratings when it comes to financial strength and an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. It also had almost 200 complaints in the last year. It offers coverage to a wide range of drivers, though, so if you’ve had a hard time finding a policy, it could be a good fit.

Best For
  • People with less than perfect driving records
  • Business owners who want to get all their insurance from a single insurer
  • People who prefer to have their policy information in Spanish
  • All of its information is available in Spanish
  • Discounts for safe driving and multiple policies
  • Online quotes and service
  • Relatively high number of complaints
  • Available in a limited number of states

Infinity Insurance offers a robust website that allows you to get a quote, make payments and file claims easily. All of its web pages are available in Spanish. Infinity offers vehicle, home, life and business insurance. Read our Infinity Insurance review to decide whether its coverage is right for you.

Infinity Insurance Products

Infinity offers a variety of insurance products. These include:

  • Property insurance: Infinity has home insurance for most types of homes. This includes mobile home insurance, which can be a challenge to find.
  • Vehicle insurance: Infinity offers several types of car insurance. Have a classic car? Infinity insures those. Have a motorcycle or ATV? Infinity insures those along with motorcycles, boats and standard vehicles. 
  • Business insurance: Infinity offers commercial vehicle insurance, business owner policies and liability insurance. 
  • Life insurance: Infinity offers term life insurance with 10-year to 30-year terms.

Infinity is a regional company and it only offers vehicle insurance in the following states: 

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • Florida

If you’re thinking about moving outside of one of these states, you will need to get a new vehicle insurance policy. 

Available Discounts and Tips on Getting the Best Rates

Infinity Insurance offers several discounts on its vehicle insurance products. These include:

  • Multi-car discounts: Infinity provides a discount if you insure multiple vehicles. 
  • Mature driver improvement course discount: You may get a discount if you’re 55 or older and take a driving improvement course. 
  • Accident-free discount: Are you diligent about safety? Infinity offers a discount if you go 35 months or longer with an accident or traffic violation. 
  • Safety features discount: You may be eligible for a discount if your vehicle has safety features. These include airbags, anti-lock brakes and an anti-theft device. 
  • Good student discount: You or other drivers on your policy can get a discount for good grades. Infinity offers these discounts to full-time students with a B average or better. 
  • Homeowners discount: Infinity might offer you a discount on your vehicle insurance if you own a home. 
  • Payment discount: You may get a discount with Infinity if you pay your bill in full instead of monthly.
  • Renewal discount: If you renew your policy with Infinity, you may receive a discount. 
  • Paperless discount: If you switch to paperless billing, Infinity may offer a discount. It also offers a discount for getting your quote online. 
  • Advanced quote discount: Infinity may offer a discount if you renew or switch to Infinity at least 6 days before your current policy ends. 
  • Switch and save: If you switch to Infinity from another carrier, you may save up to 15%. 

Not every discount is available in every state. 

Infinity Insurance Coverage Selections

What does Infinity Insurance have to offer? Let’s take a closer look.  

Home Products

Infinity offers a variety of products to protect your home and belongings. They include:

  • Homeowners insurance: Infinity’s homeowners insurance helps to cover your home and belongings in the event of a disaster. It covers events like theft and damage from hail, lightning, wind and fire. Infinity’s homeowners policies also provide personal liability coverage. This covers you and your family if you damage someone else’s property. It also covers other people who are injured on your property. Infinity notes that its policies don’t cover mold damage unless it’s related to a covered disaster like a severe storm. 
  • Renters insurance: Many people who rent assume their landlord has insurance. Landlords do have insurance, but that only covers the structure. Your belongings aren’t included. Infinity offers renters insurance that covers personal items like your clothes, furniture, computers and jewelry. It also covers you in the event of theft and provides liability coverage.  
  • Mobile home insurance: Mobile homes and manufactured homes need to be insured, too. Infinity’s mobile home policy covers your home in the event of a theft, hail, lightning, fire or high winds. It also covers the items in your home. 
  • Flood insurance: Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flood damage from natural disasters. Floods are a frequent occurrence in many areas, so it’s worth considering. 
  • Condo insurance: Condos and townhouses are a bit more complex when it comes to insurance. Your condo association covers the exteriors, but you’re responsible for insuring the interior of your home and your belongings. Infinity’s condo insurance helps to cover losses due to theft and natural disasters. 

Vehicle Products

Infinity may be best known for its vehicle insurance options. These include:

  • Auto insurance: Infinity offers a range of coverage options. It also offers coverage for classic cars through a partner insurance agency. For your main vehicle, you can go with your state minimum or opt for more comprehensive coverage. Coverage options include:
    • Liability: This is typically the minimum coverage you need to meet state requirements.  
    • Collision: Liability insurance only covers the other driver and its vehicle. Collision insurance covers your vehicle as well.  
    • Comprehensive: Comprehensive coverage protects you in more situations. It helps to repair your car if it's vandalized or if it's damaged in a natural disaster. 
    • Personal injury protection: This helps to cover medical costs related to an accident.
    • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage: Even though states require people to get auto insurance, it doesn’t mean everyone does. If you’re in an accident and the other driver is at fault but uninsured or underinsured, this coverage will help cover your costs.  
  • Motorcycle and ATV insurance: You need coverage for your other vehicles, too. Infinity offers state minimum insurance for motorcycles and ATVs. You can also opt for comprehensive coverage, accessory coverage and uninsured motorist coverage.  
  • RVs and campers: States typically require you to have insurance on RVs and campers. Infinity covers class A, B and C motorhomes, camper vans, travel trailers and more.  
  • Boat insurance: You should be protected even when you’re not on the road. Infinity offers boat insurance with various levels of coverage. You can opt for a basic property damage and liability policy or add on additional coverage for trailers and personal property on the boat. 

Business Insurance

Infinity offers protection for business owners. Its commercial auto insurance covers you and your employees when you’re on the road. It will even cover employees with less-than-perfect driving histories. Infinity’s commercial general liability policies are essential for every business owner. It protects you if people are injured and it helps to cover your legal costs if you’re sued. Infinity’s business owner policies are perfect for small and medium business owners. It combines commercial property insurance with commercial general liability. Commercial property insurance protects your business structure and your inventory if it’s damaged, lost or stolen. 

Life Insurance

Life insurance pays a benefit to whoever you designate when the person insured by the policy dies. Life insurance proceeds can help cover funeral costs, pay off a mortgage and help with child care. Infinity offers term insurance, which is low-cost life insurance that’s in force for a set period. Its term policies range from 10 years to 30 years. 

Pricing and Value

Is Infinity a good value? That depends on where you live and your driving record. It also depends on whether you qualify for any discounts, your age and the amount of coverage you want or need. Infinity works with drivers who have low credit scores and imperfect driving histories. If you don’t have a great record, you might pay more for coverage. 

Infinity does provide free roadside assistance to all of its members. It’s called the Infinity Driver Club. It’s available around the clock and can help you if you need to be towed. It can also help if you lock yourself out of your car or if you run out of gas. 

Customer Service

You can reach Infinity’s customer service agents Monday through Friday during business hours in your time zone. Service agents are also available on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Infinity’s customer service number is 800-782-1020. Its customer service agents are also available by chat and by email at 

Claims Support

If you need to file a claim, you can reach Infinity online or by phone. Its claims number is 800-334-1661. Claims representatives are available 24/7. You can also file a claim or reach customer service using the Infinity app.

Which Policy Is Right for You?

Researching insurance policies is time-consuming. You want to find the best value for your money. Contact multiple insurance companies and ask for a quote. Look at each policy carefully. Some might have a high deductible, which is the amount you pay out-of-pocket before coverage starts. Others might have a low coverage limit, which is the most an insurance company will pay. 

Take your time and choose a policy that has the coverage you need at an affordable price. You and your family deserve to be protected. 

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