Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance Review

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March 24, 2022

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is an insurance provider that provides medical and dental coverage nationwide. The 34 BCBS companies are individually owned throughout the country, each offering its own plans. Because of its extensive reach, BCBS offers a large provider network that allows all its customers to get the care that they need. 

Best For
  • People who want dental coverage for their whole family
  • People who also have or want BCBS medical coverage
  • Extensive network of providers
  • Coverage for all ages
  • Each local company is operated individually, so there can be significant differences between them

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Ratings at a Glance

BCBS Dental Policy Options
BCBS Dental Customer Service
BCBS Dental Pricing
BCBS Dental Application Experience
BCBS Dental Claims Process
BCBS Dental Overall

BCBS Dental Policy Options

Coverage in all 50 States?Yes
# of Plan Options3+ (varies by state)

BCBS offers pediatric, individual adult and family dental plans. Since BCBS has 34 different independently and locally operated companies, plans vary depending on where you live and what company serves your area.

Blue Pediatric plans offer dental coverage for children up to the age of 19. In a sample plan, BCBS shows that there is no deductible or annual benefit maximum with a pediatric plan. For preventative and diagnostic care such as exams, cleanings and x-rays, there is a $20 copayment for each visit. For basic restorative care such as fillings or major dental work such as bridges and crowns, you need to pay a 50% coinsurance charge. Additionally, Blue Pediatric plans cover medically necessary orthodontic services. However, your dentist must deem these procedures to be medically-necessary and seek authorization from the carrier first.

For individual and family plans, BCBS has a few tiers to choose from. Each tier increases in premium and benefits. For example, Blue Value Dental 1 has a monthly premium of $30.34 per subscriber and an annual benefit maximum of $750 per subscriber per calendar year. The Blue Value Dental 3 plan has a monthly premium of $44.07 per subscriber and an annual benefit maximum of $1,500 per subscriber per calendar year. If you add a spouse or children to the plan, the monthly premium goes up and each person has a separate annual benefit maximum.

Remember, too, that these plans may vary based on the state in which you live. Your location is one of the most important factors when insurance carriers set rates. Plus, you may have different rates from neighbors in other cities or counties, primarily because certain locations present a much higher risk for the insurer.

BCBS Dental Customer Service

The customer service offered by BCBS varies based on the local company that provides the insurance plans. BCBS does offer a main phone line that anyone can call to learn about insurance options. You can also call this phone line to be connected with your local BCBS company. For specific questions about coverage and benefits, it’s best to call the number for your local BCBS company. 

The ratings for BCBS are assigned for each individual company, so they’re not the same across the country. For example, the J.D. Power rating for BCBS of Alabama is 760 and BCBS of Rhode Island is 722. 

BBB RatingN/A
AM Best RatingA+ (for BCBS of South Carolina; may vary based on your local company)
NAIC Complaint IndexVaries by company
Moody’s RatingVaries by company
J.D. Power RatingVaries by company

BCBS Dental Pricing

Getting a quote for a BCBS dental plan is a bit different than getting a health insurance quote. You can most likely get a quote for your family’s dental insurance cost on your state’s health insurance marketplace. Some of the BCBS companies also have the prices and coverages of its dental plans published on its website. 

Keep in mind that the price and coverage can vary greatly between BCBS companies, even between companies within the same state. Take a look at these two companies as an example.

Highmark Blue Shield Northeastern New YorkHighmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York
Blue Pediatric Dental (PPO) Monthly Premium$31.67 per child$26.73 per child
Blue Pediatric Dental (PPO) Out-of-pocket maximum$350 for 1 child
$700 for 2 or more children
$350 for 1 child
$700 for 2 or more children
Blue Pediatric Dental (PPO) Preventative/Diagnostic Care$20 copayment per visit$20 copayment per visit
Blue Value Dental 1 (PPO) Monthly Premium$30.34 for 1 person
$60.68 for subscriber & spouse/domestic partner
$81.48 for subscriber and 1 or more children
$126.36 for family
$24.96 for 1 person
$49.92 for subscriber & spouse/domestic partner
$67.67 for subscriber and 1 or more children
$104.91 for family
Blue Value Dental 1 (PPO) Out-of-pocket maximumN/AN/A
Blue Value Dental 1 (PPO) Preventative/Diagnostic Care$0 copayment per visit$0 copayment per visit

BCBS Dental Application Experience

To enroll in a BCBS dental plan, you can go through your state’s health insurance marketplace or through your local company’s website. Each company’s application process may be different. With Highmark BCBS of Western New York, for example, you can easily submit an enrollment application. 

When you fill out the application, you can indicate whether you’re applying for a medical plan only, dental plan only or both a medical and dental plan. You’ll be asked details about where you live to ensure that you’re applying with the appropriate local company. In the next step, you need to indicate why you are enrolling in a dental plan. It could be as simple as because it’s Open Enrollment and you want a new dental plan. Or, you can indicate that you’ve lost coverage or you want to change your policy. 

If you have children, you have a few different options. You can enroll in a family plan to extend coverage to your children. You can also enroll in a pediatric dental plan for the children. BCBS requires you to complete a separate application for each child if you want them each to have a pediatric dental plan.

Finally, you can choose the date when you want your dental plan to begin. You can also choose whether you want to pay your premiums monthly or quarterly. 

BCBS Dental Claims Process

BCBS’s claims process for dental claims appears to be similar across the board, regardless of which local company you’re working with. You can submit a claim for a statement of actual services if you’re submitting a claim for dental services that you’ve already received. The type of services that you received will determine which dental records you need to submit to the insurance company as well. For example, if you’re filing a claim for a filling, you may need to submit the most recent xrays of your tooth before you receive the filling. You may also need to submit an explanation for why the procedure was medically necessary.

You can also submit a claim prior to treatment to request a predetermination or preauthorization for services that you expect to receive. The claims form is the same and should be available on your local company’s website. 

BCBS Dental vs Competitors

BCBS offers an extensive network of dental providers and competitive rates for its plans. Since dental plans are offered through 34 different companies located throughout the country, it’s important to look into your local company when comparing dental plans to competitors. Benzinga’s guide to how dental insurance works can help you evaluate each of your options to determine which plan is best for you.

BCBS Dental Overall

BCBS as a whole is a well-respected insurance provider for both medical and dental coverage. The company offers dental insurance across all 50 states and has a large provider network, making affordable dental care easily accessible for many people. 

That being said, the customer service and pricing can vary greatly between the 34 individual BCBS companies that operate nationwide. Fortunately, BCBS makes it easy to connect with your local company so you can discuss your coverage options. With pediatric, individual and family plans, BCBS likely has a dental plan that will fit the needs of you and your family. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I see which doctors accept BCBS dental insurance?


Each local BCBS company’s website has a “Find a dentist” tool that you can use to see which providers accept your dental coverage.


Why are there so many BCBS companies?


BCBS operates community-based companies in 34 local markets because BCBS is committed to offering customized products and services that meet the needs of each community.


  1. BlueCross BlueShield. “AM Best Recognizes BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina With 19th Consecutive A+ Rating.” Accessed March 10, 2022.

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