Best Tech Startups in Seattle, Ranked

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June 17, 2021

For years, we have known Seattle for its weather and coffee, but now, there is a new evolution drawing attention towards this Washington city as startups sprout up left and right.

One of the main factors contributing to the increase of venture activity in Seattle is big names establishing their engineering offices there. Airbnb, Uber, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, among others, are in Emerald City. This has attracted high-quality engineers to the city, a key ingredient for building a great startup. Want to learn more about the best tech startups in Seattle? Let Benzinga’s list be your guide. 

Top Tech Startups in Seattle

To choose the best startups, we looked for companies who are leveraging technology to fill a major gap or disrupting an industry. These are the best tech startups in Seattle.

1. Best Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Tech Startup: Core Scientific, founded 2017

AI and blockchain technology are disrupting almost every sector. However, not all companies have the capacity to build new frameworks. Core Scientific fills this gap by providing ready-made infrastructures. They develop and host infrastructure for AI and blockchain-backed companies and these can be easily scaled. 

What does Core Scientific offer? Datacenter efficiency, rapid deployments and proven leadership. Core Scientific has raised over $100 million in funding and currently has about 100 employees.

2. Best Compliance and Audit Software Tech Startup: Hyperproof, founded 2018

Audit preparation and compliance are a must for companies, but it’s a difficult, detail-intensive process to ensure compliance. That’s where Hyperproof comes in. They build software that helps companies with all their compliance and audit preparation issues. Teams can access all things related to audits from a central source in a shared database. This ensures greater accuracy levels.

Hyperproof flags all items that are near expiry.. It makes it easier to review evidence and controls, plus you can meet with an auditor or regulatory body any time without pressure. So far, this effort has paid off as Hyperproof has managed to raise $3.2 million in funding. Currently, the startup is seeking to grow its engineering team.

3. Best Industrial Tech Startup: Kurvv, founded 2019

Kurvv is redefining how factories and heavy equipment users increase productivity by minimizing asset down time. Kurvv makes software that  can use to predict future asset failures so they can be prevented. The software is easy to use and there is no need for customers to hire data scientists. With the use of AI, the software shows the likeliness of an asset having issues or failures. The Kurvv system is a plug-and-play technology.

You plug it in a machine and it starts making predictions. Kurvv is both easy to learn and simple to use, hence making it a suitable foray into machine learning for enterprises.

So far, Kurvv has already raised $1 million in seed money. The benefits of this software are promising. Factories and maintenance teams can use the software to know when issues will arise and decide on when and how to conduct preventive measures. This results in reduced maintenance and part inventory costs on top of productivity gains from reduced downtime.  Kurvv makes it easy to know what to expect and prepare accordingly.

4. Best Gig Economy Tech Startup: Loopie, founded 2018

Technology is a means to reduce our workload, and while it’s arguable whether or not that’s been successful, it has definitely made it easier to outsource daily, mundane tasks.

Loopie is a startup connecting gig workers with people who need their laundry done. The same way you hail a digital cab, you can order a digital laundromat. The users or the laundry gig sellers have to use their machines to do the washing. Buyers use the app to request the service and get their laundry back within 24 hours. 

Loopie also works with select laundromats to become Loopie partners, widening their network of Loopie Home Washers and creating more accessibility for those looking to work with Loopie or use their services.

The laundry comes back, freshly washed and dried, in a Loopie duffle bag. laundry. Loopie’s CTO is a former Microsoft veteran and they already have $1.3 million in funding.

5. Best Real Estate Tech Startup: Modus, founded 2018

There is a new modus operandi when it comes to closing houses. Modus Closing is an app that aims to make the closing process both transparent and secure. They seek to cover every aspect of real estate transactions. Currently, they have two products: title insurance and escrow. The startup already has $12.5 million in funding, a new office and backing from Trulia’s founder.

6. Best Deep Learning Tech Startup: OctoML, founded 2019

Democracy meets AI with OctoML. This startup comes from the brainpower behind XG Boost, TVM, Apache and Apache MxNet. OctoML is the go-to solution for companies that want to use machine learning but do not have the know-how or resources to work with AI on their own.

OctoML democratizes AI, allowing companies to deploy AI technology in existing frameworks. After raising $3.9 million as seed, OctoML went on to raise Series A and Series B funding. They currently have over 55 employees and counting.

7. Best Alternative Food Tech Startup: Rebellyous Foods, founded 2017

Love chicken nuggets but want to...not eat chickens? Rebellyous Foods offers you a delicious alternative if you like meat but want to go meatless. Their patties, nuggets and tenders look and taste similar to breaded chicken products. They come ready to heat and eat, which keeps things simple, healthy and quick -- a must for alternative diets. 

Rebellyous foods are also inexpensive, ensuring everyone has access to healthy and satisfying meals. Formerly Seattle Food Tech, the startup founded by a former Boeing project manager and a mechanical engineer has raised $4 million in funding. Rebellyous Foods has 12 investors and has raised $11 million in total.

8. Best Agricultural Data Tech Startup: Pollen Systems, founded 2017

Farming and technology may seem like an odd pair, but it’s a coupling that makes a lot of sense (and cents) when you think about it. Pollen Systems provides robots and drones that collect and analyze agricultural data, helping farmers “optimize crop yield, vigor and uniformity.” 

Pollen Systems help increase profits for farmers using precise data on crop performance, allowing for analysis of problems affecting growth. This allows growers to exercise more control over their crops and, as a result, produce a more bountiful yield.

9. Best Micro-Training Tech Startup: Snack Team Training, Founded 2018

Training new hires can be a tiring process, especially for small companies and startups who may not have the resources. Snack Team Training is a micro-training service that helps your new employees get up to speed with the demands of their new position. 

Why is micro-training beneficial? Training using small digestible bits allows new hires to more easily integrate themselves into the business structure without getting overwhelmed by too much information. The training videos are mobile-friendly, so your new hires can learn on the go. No need to drain yourself or your resources with training.

10. Best Market Research Tech Startup: SparkToro, Founded 2018

SparkToro is a startup that helps businesses market in sectors and channels frequented by their customers, whether as an existing or target demographic. By analyzing where people are clicking, SparkToro helps businesses position themselves to receive these clicks. These insights help marketing agencies, PR firms, content creators and more to reach their target audience effectively and successfully. 

SparkToro seeks to help small businesses save the amount of money they spend on digital research. Just as their about page says, market research should not be just available for the big names. Currently, SparkToro has raised over $1.3 million in funding.

11. Best MarTech Startup: Grovia, Founded 2019

Grovia - Full Review, Clients & Specialities [Updated]

Grovia is revolutionizing partner marketing for hundreds of Ecommerce and SaaS businesses. By enabling performance-based with influencers and content publishers at-scale, they have quickly grown to be an industry leader in the affiliate marketing space.

Grovia has developed a comprehensive SaaS solution that finds top-ranking content publishers that attract visitors with high purchase intent. The tool provides links to relevant sites and contact information for authors, editors, and decision makers. They also provide a full partner management service that recruits high-impact partners and nurtures those relationships.

Invest in the Best Seattle Startups Today

In the first three quarters of 2020, Seattle-based startups brought in venture capital worth $3.2 billion. In 2019, it was $3.6 billion. These are positive signs that there is no slowing down tech startups in Seattle. Many fields are ripe for exploration, gaming, healthcare, agriculture, you name it. There is also enough tech workforce to ensure that the tech wheel is not stopped. Other tech cities already offer stiff competition making Seattle the choicest candidate when it comes to tech innovation and talent. Emerald City is an attractive tech pool for 2021 and beyond.

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