Best Place To Sell an iPad

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Do you have an old iPad that you no longer use? No matter if you want to upgrade or you’re just looking for some cash to cover an unexpected bill, selling an old iPad is a great way to make some quick cash. But with so many online stores and shops to choose from, where is the best place to sell your iPad?

Today, we’re giving you a crash course in everything you need to know to sell iPad devices. We’ll show you how to make money selling your iPad for the highest value possible, as well as some characteristics you should look for in a marketplace. Finally, we’ll introduce you to a few of our top choices you can use to get started selling your iPad — and any other old electronics you have lying around the house. 

Best Place to Sell an iPad:

What to Consider Before You Sell Your iPad

Before you choose where you want to sell your iPad, take a look at the device itself. Some sites and marketplaces have limitations on which iPads can be listed and sold. Be sure to take note of the following characteristics before you decide to list. 


If your iPad has a particular carrier, it can only be used on that carrier’s network when you make calls or send text messages. If your iPad doesn’t have a particular carrier (these devices are sometimes referred to as “unlocked”), it means that it can be used with any cell service provider. Remember to include information on your iPad’s carrier when you list it if it has one. 


Your iPad’s condition will be one of the driving factors when it comes to how much you can sell it for. The better your device’s condition, the more money you can charge for it. Write down any defects your iPad has and be sure to include details on these defects in your listing. 


Apple catalogs its devices based on “generation.” The generation of your iPad is similar to the make and model of a vehicle. If you have an iPad from a more recent generation, you can expect more money for it because newer models are in higher demand. 


It’s important to have realistic expectations of how much you can charge for your old iPad. Take a few minutes to research iPads in similar condition to yours to get a feel for how much your device is selling for. This will help you separate reasonable offers from lowballs. 

What to Look for in an iPad Marketplace

Not every electronic marketplace is created equal! When you think about where to sell your iPad, look for these key characteristics

Popularity and Reputation

Sometimes, it’s better to go along with the crowd. Online marketplaces with better reputations and reviews are more trustworthy, which is better news for your wallet. You should also read reviews as carefully as possible, coming to understand where those reviews came from. When you see truthful reviews that seem to have come from real people, you have a better idea of how the buyer operates. If you see reviews that look to be fake or written by friends and family, you should take them with a grain of salt.

Seller Protections

Unfortunately, not every seller you run into will be totally truthful and trustworthy. Online scams and fraudsters are more common than many sellers believe. Look for a marketplace with extensive seller protections to make sure that you actually get your money after you make a sale. 


Almost every online marketplace will charge you some kind of fee to list or sell your iPad. Compare each marketplace’s fee schedule before you list your device. If your marketplace of choice charges higher fees, you may want to list your iPad for more money. 

Our Top Picks 

Ready to list your iPad? Whether you’re selling your old version or you sell old electronics as a passive income stream, consider listing on one of our favorite marketplaces.

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People looking for a convenient, secure way to sell their items


Decluttr is an online electronics sales marketplace that allows you to sell your devices directly to a refurbishing company. Decluttr has simplified selling old tech down to an easy-to-understand process. First, search for your iPad’s generation on their website. Decluttr will instantly give you an evaluation of how much your iPad is worth after filling out an intake form on your device’s condition. They’ll also send you a “welcome kit” with a free shipping label. From there, just pack up your iPad, ship it for free and receive your money the next day.

Decluttr has a great reputation, and their payment system is quick and efficient. You won’t get as much money selling your iPad to Decluttr than you would selling it directly to a buyer, but it can be a great option if you don’t want to deal with the hassle and risk of flaky buyers. 


Quicksell is one of the fastest ways to sell your iOS device. In 4 simple questions, you will receive an instant offer on your new, used or broken iPad. Quicksell allows you to instantly print a free shipping label to send your item to their facility. You can easily track the status of your iPad via Once your item is received and evaluated you can expect payment via Paypal, eCheck, or paper check within 2 days or less. Quicksell is the easiest way to sell your old devices and you can even pack multiple items in a single box. If you are looking for a hands-off approach to get cash for your iPad, Quicksell is the best bet. 


If you don’t mind dealing directly with buyers, eBay is a great choice to sell an iPad. eBay is one of the largest electronics marketplaces in the world, and you can sell any generation and condition iPad imaginable. eBay listings function like auctions, allowing you to set a base price and allow buyers to compete to be the one to buy it by bidding more and more. Creating a listing on eBay is simple — just snap a few photos of your item, create a listing with an accurate description and wait for the bids to roll in. After your auction ends, you’ll ship your item and receive your money in a few days’ time. 

eBay only allows buyers to pay through PayPal, which has a robust system of seller protections in place. Additionally, you can see when your buyer pays for the item — so you don’t end up shipping your iPad out before the buyer pays. 


Swappa is another excellent choice if you don’t mind doing the legwork of setting up a listing for your iPad. Swappa is similar to eBay in that you’ll need to create and upload a listing for your iPad, but you won’t have to worry about reserves, bidding, timelines or anything else that comes with setting up an auction. Just snap a few photos, enter some information about your device, and Swappa will handle the rest. You’ll receive payment immediately through Swappa after your device sells.

Unlike Decluttr, Swappa doesn’t involve refurbishes or trade-ins. Instead, you sell your iPad to another Swappa user who happens to be searching for a device like yours. This means that you may need to wait a little longer to get your money, but you earn more when your item does sell. 

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Quick Payments


Gazelle is another electronics trade-in website that gives you quick cash when you hand off your old device. Just enter a few details about your iPad’s condition and generation, get a quote in a few minutes and ship the item to Gazelle. Gazelle offer free shipping for devices worth at least $1 and they send payments out as soon as they inspect your item. You can also choose between multiple payment methods, including a PayPal payment, check or even gift card. If you aren’t sure how you want to get paid yet, consider selling your old iPad to Gazelle. 


Amazon also offers a trade-in program that allows you to sell your old iPad for an Amazon gift card. Like other trade-in programs, you’ll need to answer a few questions about your device’s condition before you get a quote. Amazon will also offer you more money if you have the original accessories that came with the device as well. Amazon also allows you to create a store and list your iPad at your own price. However, this isn’t recommended, as there’s no guarantee it will sell.

Selling your iPad to Amazon is a great choice if you want to upgrade to a new brand of tablet or buy something else on the site. However, remember that you can only get paid with an gift card — so make sure you know what you want first. 

Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking to sell your iPad fast and get cash quickly, you may want to list your item on your local Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a local sales feature you can access through your Facebook account. Just take a few photos of your item, list it for sale in the Marketplace and wait for buyers to contact you.

Most people who use the Marketplace want quick cash for whatever they’re selling. However, the Facebook Marketplace doesn’t have seller protections like other websites. If you agree to meet your buyer in person, make sure you choose a well-lit public place, like a library or local restaurant. Only accept cash and be sure to count the money before you give your buyer your iPad.  


Are you selling your iPad because you want to upgrade to a newer model? Consider trading in your old iPad directly through Apple. Apple’s buyback program allows you to exchange your old iPad for an Apple gift card. You can use your gift card on anything — including the latest iPad or anything else in the store. Like other trade-in programs, you’ll answer a few questions about your item’s condition, whether you have accessories and if your iPad still has your data on it. You can also trade-in your iPad in select Apple stores and allow a team member to take care of the details for you.   

Getting More Cash For Your iPad — The Safe Way

You can sell iPad devices at any time, especially when you’re ready to move on to a new tablet. You can use this cash to purchase a iPad, put some money in your pocket or invest in other parts of your life.

No matter where you decide to sell your iPad, it’s important that you take a few steps to protect yourself and your personal data before you ship your item off. Return the device to factory settings before you list it. This removes all of your saved passwords, cached pages and other sensitive data, giving your buyer a clean slate to work with. You should also always remember to get a tracking number from the post office when you ship. This prevents your buyer from saying that he or she never received the item and getting a refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What factors do I need to consider when selecting an iPad marketplace?

What factors do I need to consider when selecting an iPad marketplace?

You need to look at the fees, reputation and warranties.


What do I need to think about when selling my iPad?

What do I need to think about when selling my iPad?

You need to consider its condition, prices and model.