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September 19, 2023

Graphite is a key component for everyday items, such as pencils and polishes. However, its essential use in lithium-ion batteries has seen its demand grow significantly in recent years.

With the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), so too is the demand for graphite. And this trend is expected to gain steam in future years.

Investors look to capitalize on this growth by investing in the best graphite stocks available.

5 Best Graphite Stocks to Invest in

If you are looking to take advantage of the growing demand in this field, investing in the best graphite stocks will be vital. 

Stock Movers


TickerCompany±%Buy Stock
GRFXGraphex Gr$0.366.48%500.1KBuy/Sell
WWRWestwater Resources$0.493.16%171.8KBuy/Sell
NMGNouveau Monde Graphite$2.121.92%71.9KBuy/Sell
FMSFresenius Medical Care$21.091.71%458.1KBuy/Sell
BKTBlackrock Income Trust$11.440.43%67.7KBuy/Sell
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TickerCompany±%Buy Stock
EAFGrafTech International$1.71-3.68%3.1MBuy/Sell
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Session: May 29, 2024 4:00PM EDT - May 30, 2024 3:59PM EDT

What Are Graphite Stocks?

Graphite is a valuable natural commodity that could become one of the most important natural materials as demand for new technology grows. 

Its materials are used in several essential products, but its use in the battery market has made it a necessary commodity over the last decade, depending on certain factors.

Investors have been looking into companies that specialize in the mining and production of graphite and investing in these stocks. The growth of EVs could make graphite stocks attractive over the long term.

Why Invest in Graphite Stocks?

Investments in graphite stocks can be beneficial from exposure to the rapidly growing EV battery industry. Investing in graphite stocks can be a way to provide your portfolio with exposure to the ever-growing electric vehicle market. Graphite is recognized as one of the most useful natural materials around.

Technology continues to expand, and so too does the demand for graphite. Investments in this field can provide the potential for strong returns, great exposure and value across a thriving market.

The market relies heavily on the advancement in technology, but the global economy and geopolitical issues may impact production. As successful as graphite investment can be, it still poses potential headwinds.

Invest in the Best Graphite Stocks with These Top Brokers

To invest in some of the best graphite stocks available, you must first be set up with a broker. If you already have a broker, then you can invest in graphite stocks in one simple process. If not, it is important to find the best broker for you, one with limited costs and minimal barriers.

Below are some of the top brokers available.

Graphite is Vital in EVs

The growth in graphite materials has been vital to the production of EVs, and the transition to a greener climate means the demand for these EVs may climb. 

To support this demand, the supply of graphite will need to keep up, making it vital to these markets but also a potentially profitable segment in your portfolio.

Although all investments come with a level of risk and must be thoroughly researched, economic factors may have an impact on the market, stocks and other assets you invest in.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Why invest in graphite?


Investing in graphite is a great way of taking advantage of the growth in EVs while investing in the production element. The popularity of EVs will offer a great opportunity to invest in graphite.


Will graphite stocks go up?


There is no way of saying for sure whether graphite stocks will rise or fall, but the popularity of this market in recent years suggests it is one many investors are bullish on.


What company is the largest producer of graphite?


Syrah Resources’ Balama project is claimed to be the world’s largest integrated natural graphite mining operation available.

Best Graphite Stocks Methodology

These stocks were chosen based on some of the currently most popular graphite stocks and their potential based on recent updates. Its market cap was also considered to measure against competitors.

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