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July 14, 2022

Discounts allow people to save money on their favorite CBD-infused products. The lowered prices found for online CBD stores can help make certain products more accessible to the public. 

Discounts usually range from rewards programs to promotional codes. When researching CBD discounts, compare the quality and potency of each product to discover the best high-quality product for the price. Consider focusing on extra saving options such as buying in bulk or using loyalty programs that help your money to travel farther. 

The Best CBD Discounts

CBD discounts allow people to more easily access CBD products at an affordable price. Lowered prices improve product accessibility and frequently encourage people to try more expensive products. Research discounts on your favorite CBD products to help save money.

NuLeaf Naturals

Founded in 2014, NuLeaf Naturals offers a wide range of items that focus on CBD oils, CBD soft gels and topical CBD products. 

The company offers discount codes and a subscription service that allows customers to save about 20% on select products. Orders through the subscription program ship automatically. Subscribers have the flexibility to pause or skip subscriptions as needed.

The company provides free shipping within the United States and other discounts that can be applied using specific codes.

  • securely through NuLeaf's website
    securely through NuLeaf's website

Lazarus Naturals 

The company encourages customers to sign up for email updates. Providing an email will allow customers to earn 20% off their first purchase as well as provide extra savings and company updates. 

Lazarus Naturals offers free shipping for orders over $50 and an assistance program that’s designed to make products affordable. The assistance program is designed to help veterans, low-income people and people with long-term disabilities, who receive steep discounts of up to 60%. 

The website provides detailed instructions about how to apply for the program. The company also offers a wholesale program where dispensary owners can sign up to purchase CBD with the added benefit of a personalized customer portal. 

Sunday Scaries

San Diego-based Sunday Scaries provides a range of products, including CBD gummies, CBD candy and CBD oil. Lab test results for its products are displayed on Sunday Scaries’ website.

The company has free shipping for all subscription orders and free shipping for orders above $69. The shipping benefits create substantial savings over time. Subscribers earn perks such as special offers through their email.  


CBDistillery offers products such as full-spectrum CBD oils and gummies. The company has a wide variety of discounts, including 25% off your first offer.

CBDistillery’s loyalty program allows customers to earn points for purchases, opening an account or having a birthday. The points can be redeemed for discounts on the company’s products. 

The company also offers extra discounts and coupons, but the coupons and additional promotions cannot be combined with points. Points will likely expire after 365 days of account inactivity. 

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web offers CBD oils, gummies and topicals. Its subscription service enables customers to earn 20% off select products that can be shipped as frequently as biweekly and extended to bimonthly. 

Subscriptions can auto-ship and be quickly managed using a personalized account. The company also has rewards points customers can earn on both subscriptions and regular purchases. Points should be redeemed frequently because they typically expire after one year. 

Are CBD Discounts Helpful for Everyone?

Using CBD discounts help people interested in saving money. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need to spend more to obtain a higher quality product. 

Focus on quality: CBD quality doesn’t have to slip as the price for products decreases. It’s possible to obtain higher-end products at discounted prices by researching quality brands and price matching. Purchase high-quality products that are held to a healthier standard.

Select potency: Labels can be misleading when it comes to the amount and potency of CBD contained in a product. Be sure to read the fine print to clearly understand what is included in each product.

Elect for free shipping: When purchasing online, keep in mind that shipping has the potential to add up over time. For example, NuLeaf offers free shipping that ranges between two and three days within the United States. 

Stockpiling: When you want to keep a larger stock in your house, it’s important to find some discounts and make a few more purchases. While you may not want to buy too much, you can buy a few extras so that you always have them, can place them in your travel bag, keep them at the office, put them in your gym bag, etc.

How to Make the Most of CBD Discounts

Dispensaries and wholesalers offer various discounts that help you get the most value for your money. Consider joining a loyalty program or purchasing certain products in bulk to save.

Join a loyalty program: Many dispensaries offer loyalty programs that include customer incentives such as special discounts and a heads-up on future sales. If you have a dispensary you like, join its loyalty program for better access to superior deals. 

Purchase products in bulk: If you usually use a generous amount of CBD products, think about purchasing in bulk. Buying in bulk often saves money, but the strategy could prove wasteful if you end up with more products than you can use. Before purchasing in bulk, think about how much CBD you use to better understand whether the bulk purchasing approach is right for you. 

Know the regular special offers: Dispensaries and wholesalers usually offer regular discounts on different products to motivate customers to spend money. Purchasing CBD products that are regularly discounted through weekly sales can save you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research CBD products and read customers' reviews. The market for CBD products continues to grow and become more competitive. Before purchasing a product, examine the label and ask questions if the information is unclear. 


Do all CBD retailers have a discount program?


CBD retailers are not required to have discount programs. However, it’s relatively common for them to offer discounts or promotional codes. The programs help retailers attract new customers and create a loyal customer base, so many offer discounts.


Is CBD legal?


Yes, cannabidiol, or CBD, is federally legal in the United States. Federal law stipulates that a product must contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties.


Each state likely has additional rules and regulations regarding CBD. California, for example, allows CBD in foods and beverages if the CBD came from hemp. CBD that’s derived from hemp differs from the CBD that comes from marijuana because hemp has lower amounts of THC. Review your state regulations and consult with your medical provider before purchasing CBD products.