Amica Home Insurance Review

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1 Minute Review

Amica, while a lesser-known brand than some other insurers, has been providing fire and auto insurance since 1907 and is the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the US. The company, owned by its policyholders, prides itself on exceptional service and returns dividends to policyholders when premiums generate a surplus. Customers recently rated Amica Mutual as the highest rated home insurance provider in a recent JD Power survey.

Best For

  • Customers who are comfortable handling their insurance needs by phone or online
  • New home insurance customers
  • Customers looking to bundle insurance policies


  • Top rated in every category in JD Power's home insurance survey
  • Bundling home and auto policies creates an opportunity to save on Amica Auto Insurance
  • Annual dividends are paid on eligible policies based on surpluses


  • Expect customer support to be phone-based or web-based due to a small brick-and-mortar presence
  • Coverage for some homes may not be available through this insurer
see how Amica Mutual compares

Who’s Amica Home Insurance for?

Customers with a strong credit score who have an interest in receiving a dividend payment to help reduce premium cost might consider Amica for their home insurance needs. The company reports dividends can approach 20% of the total premium cost for some home insurance products.  However, dividends are not guaranteed and are paid based on remaining surpluses after claims and other expenses are paid. Attractive discounts are also available for customers who bundle auto and home insurance with the company.

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Amica began writing homeowners insurance policies over 60 years ago, expanding upon its simpler fire insurance policies and auto policies. Placing a strong emphasis on customer service and on ensuring its financial strength to meet the needs of claims as they arise, the company has chosen not to market itself as a price leader, but as a service leader. Dividends, available with select products, help to reduce the actual cost of premiums to its customers. Customers with strong credit scores and a clean claim history are likely to receive better rates through the insurer, as both of these factors are likely to be heavily weighted rating criteria.

Of note, many of Amica’s home insurance products are not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

Home Insurance Products

  • Platinum Choice Home (Homeowners Insurance Policy) — Among Amica’s prepackaged home insurance products is its Platinum Choice Home. While the coverages with this policy are similar to those offered by other home insurance providers, there are some important distinctions to this package. Personal property is covered for replacement cost by default in this package. Many competing home insurance products from other insurers come with actual cash value coverage for personal property, which pays a depreciated value for personal property damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. Additionally, coverage for sewer backup and sump pump overflow or standard with this policy. Some nationally-known insurers treat this coverage as an add-on, leaving customers who have not specifically selected this coverage exposed to these perils.
  • Renters Insurance — Amica quotes its renters insurance product as being available for as little as $4 per week. Rates will vary based on risk and coverages chosen, but $4 per week, while seemingly inexpensive, is slightly higher than a basic renters insurance policy available through other providers. Renters seeking coverage for their personal property and personal liability can earn a discount by bundling their auto insurance and renters insurance with Amica. This discount may not be available in all states.
  • Condominium Insurance — Condo owners need to insure their condominiums from the studs inward, meaning the inside of the condominium is owned by the condo owner, as well as their personal property. This would include appliances, computers, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and other personal belongings. Amica’s condo policies provide coverage for personal property, personal liability up to selected coverage amounts, and scheduled personal property if chosen, which insures high-value items such as jewelry.

Product Offering Rating: 4 Stars

Standard Amica Home Insurance Coverages

  • Dwelling — To accurately determine the rebuild cost of a home if damaged by a covered peril, Amica use a specialized software as well as inspectors to calculate the full cost to rebuild the dwelling. While most covered claims require a repair instead of a full rebuild, insuring for the full rebuild value is required by some lenders and generally recommended even when not required.
  • Liability — Personal Liability exposure can rise in the number of ways, many of which are unanticipated. Amica’s homeowners, renters, and condo insurance policies provide options to cover customers for covered personal liability claims, including legal defense costs, up to their chosen coverage limits
  • Medical — Medical payment coverage pays toward medical expenses for non-family members injured at the home. Coverage of up to $5,000 is available, with this amount being standard for Amica’s Platinum Choice home insurance product. Many other home insurance providers set a default coverage amount of $1,000 for medical payments.
  • Other Structures — Sheds, workshops, and other unattached structures are covered up to the coverage amounts chosen with a homeowners policy. Often, the coverage amount for other structures is set with a default of 10% of the dwelling coverage amount, so consumers should verify that this coverage amount is adequate to rebuild any other structures on the property.
  • Personal Property — Amica’s home insurance products provide coverage for personal property up to chosen coverage limits. Insurance companies cover personal property, meaning personal belongings, with either replacement cost coverage or actual cash value. Replacement cost coverage pays the amount needed to replace personal property which has been damaged or destroyed in a covered claim. Actual cash value pays a depreciated cost for personal property damaged in a covered claim, which may not be enough to replace the item that has been damaged or destroyed. Amica’s Platinum Choice home insurance product provides replacement cost coverage as standard, creating an advantage when compared to some home insurance policies offered by other providers.

Available Discounts & Tips on Getting the Best Rates

Amica offers its customers a discount for bundling its home insurance products with an auto insurance policy. Available discount amounts may vary based on state, but in many cases will be as follows:

  • Homeowners Insurance — discounts of up to 15% available
  • Condo Insurance — discounts of up to 8% available
  • Renters Insurance — discounts of up to 7% available

Because available discounts for bundling vary for different policy types, as well as by state in some cases, it’s recommended that customers verify discount amounts for their individual policies and states.

While certainly not unique in this regard, Amica does weigh customer credit scores in determining an insurance score, which helps the company to understand risks. Customers with higher credit scores can expect better rates for home insurance through Amica, assuming all other rating criteria is equal.

Claim history is another common rating criteria in establishing home insurance premiums and customers with no claims or a very low loss history will generally earn better rates for premiums.

Dividends based on surpluses after payment of claims and other expenses are available for some home insurance products, helping to reduce premium costs by up to 20% annually.

Common Amica Home Insurance Coverage Selections

Important Home Insurance Coverages & Considerations

Covered Perils: Home insurance policies can be one of two different structures in regard to the perils that are covered. Many home insurance policies available through nationwide insurance providers are what’s called a named peril policy, which limits coverage to only those perils specifically named in the policy. These typically cover the most common threats to a home but can leave unexpected gaps in coverage. Amica’s Platinum Choice home insurance policy is an all peril policy, which covers anything that might damage at home, except for specifically excluded coverages. When consumers are comparing policies, an all peril policy usually provides better protection for their home and personal property.

Personal Liability: Personal liability coverage pays for legal defense and judgments up to chosen coverage limits for covered claims. Available coverage selections begin at $100,000 for some policies. Amica’s Platinum Choice home insurance policy comes with $300,000 standard for personal liability coverage.

Medical Coverage: Medical payment coverage pays medical bills for non-family members injured at the home, effectively providing a supplement to personal liability coverage in cases of smaller injuries where no lawsuit has been filed. Coverage amount choices are $1,000 or $5,000 in most states, with $5,000 in medical payment coverage standard on Amica’s Platinum Choice home insurance policies.

Replacement Cost: Amica’s Platinum Choice home insurance product provides replacement cost coverage for personal property, subject to policy limits, differentiating this policy from those available through many other major insurers. Some other national home insurance providers structure personal property coverage on some policies as actual cash value, which pays a depreciated value for personal property damaged or destroyed due to a covered claim.

Amica provides a range of policy types which meet the needs of most households.

In addition to several types of home insurance, Amica also offers:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Event Insurance
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Annuities

Customer Service

  • Agencies — In lieu of a nationwide network of agents, Amica provides regional offices for customers who need support with claims or policy issues. These regional offices may be as few as one or two per state, so customers requiring in-person support should expect to travel. Alternatively, customers can contact the company by phone or through their website for support.
  • Website — Amica.com provides the basic functionality customers would expect including both payments, basic inquiries, knowledge base articles, and the ability to quote policies.
  • Phone support — Amica’s customer support by phone is reportedly competitive with the best in the business, making this the preferred method for customer service and policy related needs.
  • Mobile App — Amica’s mobile application allows home insurance customers to pay bills, access policy information, and place or track claims. Some customers have reported reliability issues with Amica’s mobile application on some mobile platforms, limiting its usefulness.

Customer Service Rating: 4 Stars

Claims Support

Customers who need to place or track a home insurance claim can do so online, by phone, or through the mobile app. In most cases, when a covered claim is reported, an insurance adjuster from the company will be dispatched to the covered premises to assess the damage and estimate repair costs.

In JD Power’s US Home Insurance Study, Amica customers awarded the company with five stars for claim service, indicating most customers surveyed were extremely satisfied with how their claim was handled by the company.

Claims Support Rating: 5 Stars

Consumer Ratings

Amica Home Insurance JD Power Ratings

OverallPolicy OfferingPrice RatingBilling RatingInteraction RatingClaim Rating

Amica Home Insurance A.M. Best Rating: A+

Noteworthy: Amica Mutual was the only home insurance provider in the survey to be awarded five stars in every category.

Pricing & Value

In JD Power’s insurance consumer ratings, Amica was rated at five stars out of five for pricing, as well as in every other category in JD Power’s survey. It’s evident that customers with good credit and clean claim histories are finding tremendous value with Amica for their home insurance needs, further enhanced by dividends returned annually for eligible policies based on company surpluses.

Pricing & Value Rating: 5 Stars

Customer Support

Amica prides itself on its customer support and executes well on its goal of customer satisfaction as evidenced by its JD Power ratings of five out of five in all categories surveyed. Even without a nationwide network of local agents, the company has impressed its customers with its commitment to an outstanding customer experience.

Phone: (800) 242-6422

Website: https://www.amica.com

Chat: https://www.amica.com/Amica/Customer-Service/Contact-Us.jsp

Contact Form: https://www.amica.com/Amica/Customer-Service/Contact-Us.jsp

Mobile App (available for iOS or Android)

Customer Support Rating: 5 Stars

Final Thoughts

As a mutual insurance company, Amica is owned by its policyholders as opposed to being a publicly traded company or a company run by private investors. This structure provides dividends paid to eligible policyholders based on surpluses after claims and expenses are paid. Clearly, many customers of the company, who are also owners, find value in the dividends returned and the customer service provided.

Customers who require personalized service will find the company’s phone support to be excellent but may be disappointed to find there are no local agents to meet face-to-face if issues or questions arise. A limited brick-and-mortar presence didn’t prevent Amica from scoring five out of five for interactions with the insurer. Insurance customers comfortable handling their insurance needs by phone or through Amica’s website will likely be quite pleased with the total value the company has to offer to its customers.