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January 19, 2021

Progressive is known for its auto insurance, but you can purchase home and rental property insurance through Progressive as well. 

Progressive doesn’t directly offer coverage. Instead, it connects you with vetted companies. If you already have Progressive auto insurance, buying your property or home insurance through Progressive allows you to take advantage of a discount for bundling your policies. 

The coverage and discounts vary depending on which company you choose and which policy options you choose. You can purchase basic coverage or add on additional coverage for specific needs like expensive jewelry or art. 

Progressive can connect you to some of the best homeowners insurance companies. Learn more now.

Best For
  • Current Progressive policyholders
  • An easy home insurance shopping experience
  • Discount for bundling
  • Access to vetted companies
  • Doesn’t directly offer home insurance
  • Mobile app doesn’t support home insurance

Progressive Ratings at a Glance

Overall Rating
Coverage Options
Pricing and Discounts
Claims Process
Mobile App

Progressive Overall Rating

Progressive is a good option for your home insurance. Homeowners insurance protects against damage to your home and belongings from wind, hail, fire, lightning, theft and other covered occurrences. While there are endless providers who can offer you home insurance covers, Progressive is the only home insurance company that lets you compare homeowners insurance rates and coverages from multiple providers. Simply enter your information once, and we'll match you with a policy based on your input and frequently show additional options.

Start a home insurance quote today and get customized coverages from Progressive.

Coverage Options

Access to several home insurance companies ensures that you can get the coverage you need. The home insurance policies you purchase through Progressive have the following standard coverage options:

  • Dwelling coverage. This coverage protects the physical structure of your home like the roof, walls and flooring. It also covers anything attached to your home like your porch or patio, cabinets and garage. 
  • Other structures. This covers buildings and other structures that aren’t attached to your home, like sheds, garages, decks and fences. 
  • Personal possessions. This covers your personal items if they’re destroyed or stolen. Your items are covered even if they’re outside your home. For example, if something is stolen from a storage unit, it would typically be covered. There might be a lower limit for items outside your home. 
  • Loss of use. If your home is severely damaged or destroyed, you need a place to stay while it’s being repaired. You’ll also need to pay for meals. This covers hotel, rent and food expenses above what you’d typically pay. 
  • Personal liability. This provides protection if you’re sued because someone was injured on your property or if you or a family member you live with damages someone else’s property. It covers your legal defense as well any settlements up to the limits of your policy. 
  • Medical payments. This covers the medical bills of someone who is injured on your property. 

You can also choose to add optional coverage, including:

  • Water back-up. Sump pumps and plumbing can get backed up, causing an expensive and unpleasant mess. This coverage helps to pay for damage to your belongings and water removal. 
  • Personal injury. This coverage helps to pay legal fees and damages from lawsuits due to slander, libel, wrongful entry, wrongful eviction and more. 
  • Special items. If you have expensive items like art, computers or sports equipment that you’d like covered separately, you can purchase additional coverage. 
  • Umbrella coverage. This is additional coverage that you can purchase through progressive. It adds additional coverage and extends the coverage you already have. It adds on vacation rental liability for accidents involving boats and other rental equipment. It extends your liability limits on your home and auto policies.

    Liability lawsuits can be expensive. If someone is unable to work due to an accident, they could sue for lost wages, which could easily be $1 million or more. Once your auto or home insurance reaches its limits, umbrella coverage starts paying up to its policy limits. If you don’t have additional coverage and your claim exceeds your policy limits, you’re responsible for the difference. 

Home insurance doesn’t cover everything. For example, it doesn’t cover wear and tear. If you’re concerned about repairing appliances, you can purchase home appliance coverage from other companies. 

Homeowners policies also don’t typically cover flooding or earthquakes. You’ll need to purchase separate policies for this coverage. 

Pricing and Discounts

Since Progressive works with multiple home insurance companies, you have a good chance of finding a cheap home insurance policy. When it comes to how much homeowners insurance is, that depends on where you live, the coverage you choose and what discounts you’re eligible for. 

Here are some of the home insurance discounts you may be eligible for by purchasing a home insurance policy through Progressive. 

  • Bundling. Progressive offers an average of 12% discount when you have a Progressive auto policy and another policy purchased through Progressive like homeowners insurance. 
  • Alarms. You may be eligible for a discount if you have fire alarms, a security system and/or automatic sprinklers in your home. 
  • Advance quotes. If you get a quote at least 10 days before you need your policy to start, you may be eligible for a discount. 
  • New policyholder. If you’re buying a new home or switching from renters to homeowners insurance, you could get a discount. 
  • Paying in full. When you buy a home, you typically pay your homeowners insurance in advance. If you pay your full annual premium upfront, you may receive a discount. 
  • Email documents. If you don’t mind receiving your policy documents via email, you could get a discount. 
  • New home construction. If you’re moving into a newly built home, you could be eligible for a discount. 
  • Single deductible. While this doesn’t offer a discount on your policy, it could save you a significant amount of money. If there’s an incident where your home and vehicle are both affected and you have bundled coverage, you only have to pay one deductible rather than two separate ones (one for your home and one for your vehicle). This benefit is only available if you purchase an ASI homeowners insurance policy with Progressive. 

Claims Process

Progressive doesn’t go into details about the claims process for homeowners insurance policies because each company has its own process and forms. 

Progressive does provide the phone numbers of each insurance company, and you can also call Progressive at 1-800-776-4737 if you’re not sure which company holds your home insurance policy. 

Perils: What's Covered?

Things that can damage your home

Covered: Lighting, Fire & Smoke, Power surges, ice/snow/sleet damage, Theft, windstorm, Volcanic eruption, Hail, Explosions, Rioting, Car/aircraft crashing into your home, Falling trees

Not covered: Earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, Floods, Sinkholes

Mobile App

The good news is that Progressive has a mobile app. The bad news is that you can’t use it to manage your homeowners insurance policy. 

If you have a Progressive auto policy, you can use the app to look up your policy information, pay your bills and file claims. You can’t use the app with home, renters, condo and umbrella insurance policies. 

Next Steps

Having all your home insurance policies with the same company simplifies your life and gets you a discount. Although Progressive doesn’t directly offer home insurance, its companies are vetted and you can call Progressive for assistance if needed. 

If you already have auto insurance, or if you’re shopping for new auto and home insurance, Progressive is a good choice. You have a range of coverage options and access to discounts at your fingertips.

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