Best Amazon FBA Seller Courses

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February 20, 2020

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Selling products with the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program seems like a seller’s dream. The program stores, packs and ships your products. You just need to worry about the listings, right?

It may seem easy, but becoming an Amazon seller takes a lot of knowledge and even more strategy. Sure, you can wade through the copious amount of information online to get what you need. But there’s a simpler solution.

Amazon FBA courses can teach you exactly what you need when you need it. The courses come in different price ranges, too. You can learn the skills you need at a price that won’t break your budget.

Quick Look: Best Amazon FBA Courses

What Do the Best Fulfillment by Amazon Courses Look Like?

There are many courses available online. The internet has a wealth of information about Amazon FBA courses, but how can you weed out the best ones from the duds? Take a look below for some important considerations.


How much are you willing to spend for a good Amazon FBA course? If you are using the best budget apps to track your expenses, you can make room to purchase a new course or two. Gaining knowledge doesn’t have to break your bank account.

Online courses are offered in a variety of price ranges. You may find one that’s free or you may see another that costs hundreds of dollars. Price is not necessarily an indicator of quality, though. You may have a limited budget, but you can still find a class that suits your needs.

In essence, the best class will be one within your budget. Look at the class syllabus closely and see if new skills are worth the price of the class.

Instructor Knowledge and Reputation

Who teaches your class and what qualifies that individual to be a teacher? When you were in college, you may not have had to worry about industry reputation. However, online classes are a bit different.

Instructors may not be noted experts in the industry, but if they have the experience and knowledge to successfully implement what they’re teaching, they may be worth your time.

In the case of Amazon FBA courses, you may want to keep a lookout for instructors who have successful businesses in this field, or who have sales and marketing background. Experience with e-commerce will also be helpful for these types of courses.

Furthermore, you can check out reviews of the instructor and class before signing up. Most online instruction platforms have a section where previous students can leave comments. Take a look at what they say.

How knowledgeable was the instructor? Was the class format easy to understand? How was the content organized? These are all things you can find out simply by reading reviews.

Skills Taught

Finally, take a look at the class syllabus if it’s available. Most online courses show you what you’ll be learning in the class. Take a look at the topics to give you a good idea about whether the class is a good fit.

The Best Amazon FBA Courses

Check out the list below to see your options in a variety of price ranges and skill levels:

The Best Online Courses for Beginners

Ready to start your Amazon FBA journey? These courses are a great place to start.

Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product

Beginner • 61 videos • 5.6 hours
Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product
securely through Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product's website

1. Step-By-Step Guide to Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product by Udemy

  • Who's it for? Beginners
  • Price: On sale

Are you ready to pick out your first Amazon FBA product? This class, endorsed by Alibaba, strives to give you the knowledge you need to make a profitable pick. In addition, the class also goes over essentials like finding suppliers, strategies for researching profitability and how private labeling works.

With lifetime access to 5.5 hours of on-demand instructional video, this class is relatively low-priced for what it delivers. In addition, you receive lifetime access to the course content, including any future updates to the course.

2. Selling on Amazon Marketplace by LinkedIn Learning

Selling on Amazon Marketplace
  • Who's it for? Beginners
  • Price: On sale

Learn the basics of selling on Amazon with this short introductory class. Find out how to use Seller Central for basic e-commerce activities, handle customer feedback and reviews and your different seller options. You also learn the pros and cons of using Amazon FBA services versus warehousing and shipping items yourself.

Instructor Peter Kent is a successful author and consultant who has experience helping businesses with SEO and online marketing. He brings his expertise to this beginner class so that you get the full scope of selling on Marketplace.

Like all LinkedIn Learning classes, this one is included with membership. But if you don’t have an account yet, you can receive this class at no cost with a free trial month.

The Best Intermediate Online Courses

Have some Amazon FBA experience but itching to learn more? These intermediate courses are for you.

Sourcing Amazon FBA Replenishables

Intermediate • 32 videos • 4.7 hours
Sourcing Amazon FBA Replenishables
securely through Sourcing Amazon FBA Replenishables's website

3. Sourcing Amazon FBA Replenishables by Udemy

  • Who's it for? Intermediate students
  • Price: On sale

This class is for intermediate Amazon FBA sellers who need extra help to source replenishable products. Learn strategies to increase your profit margin by lowering the cost of products.

Its 29 informative videos briefly mention sourcing products from retail stores but primarily use online sources. The price for this class is comparable to other classes at this level and includes lifetime access to all content.

What if you find that this class isn’t for you? Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try out classes risk-free.

4. Proven Amazon Course 2.0

Proven Amazon Course 2.0
  • Who's it for? Intermediate students
  • Price: $499

You may have heard about this class by Jim Cockrum. It offers comprehensive and up-to-date information on using Amazon FBA. The core aspects of this course include listing, shipping, and sourcing or buying.

Using a combination of video and written material, Cockrum guides you through the process of successful Amazon FBA selling. The course also includes bonus material on inventory, private labeling and refund guidance.

The course is only available through the PAC 2.0 official website. The price for this course is similar to fees for other courses of this caliber. In addition, a payment plan is also available.

Amazon FBA vs. eBay Selling

Intermediate • 9 videos • 0.6 hours
Amazon FBA vs. eBay Selling
securely through Amazon FBA vs. eBay Selling's website

5. Amazon FBA vs. eBay Selling by Udemy

  • Who's it for? Intermediate students
  • Price: On sale

Are you an eBay seller thinking of switching to Amazon FBA? Or maybe you wonder if you should sell on both? This course will teach you the key differences between selling on these popular marketplaces.

Learn the differences in listing types, customers and seller benefits. Get real-world examples and learn profit strategies from each site’s unique features. Get to know these markets from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspective to maximize your profit margins.

Best Advanced Online Courses

Are you an Amazon FBA expert but looking to gain some more foundational knowledge? Enroll in one of these advanced online FBA courses.

Launch a Product on Amazon FBA – Case Study

Expert • 22 videos • 20 hours
Launch a Product on Amazon FBA – Case Study
securely through Launch a Product on Amazon FBA – Case Study's website

6. Launch a Product on Amazon FBA – Case Study by Udemy

  • Who's it for? Advanced students
  • Price: Free

Amazon FBA Expert Greg Mercer brings his “Million Dollar Case Study” to Udemy in this free course. He documents a product launch from start to finish and brings you along. In this case study, Mercer explores topics like sales generation outside of Amazon, international markets multiple products.

Rather than teaching you through slide shows and written material, this instructor shows you what he does to launch a successful product. This immersive course makes you feel like you’re launching a product with him.

7. Amazon Seller Central: How to Sell on Amazon + Amazon FBA by Skillshare

  • Who's it for? Advanced students
  • Price: On sale

This Skillshare course is for all levels of selling on Amazon. Whether you need to learn how to start and where to source products to growing a private label, this class covers it all.

The course is open to Skillshare’s Premium members. With that membership, you receive lifetime access to all class content. And that includes all existing and future content.

New lectures for the course are added every month to keep up with Amazon and software updates.

8. Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) by

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) by
  • Who's it for? Advanced students
  • Price: $4,997

You may have seen ads for the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. This is one of the first and largest Amazon selling courses available. It is pricy, though.

This course emphasizes the private labeling model to sell successfully on Amazon. If that isn’t what you want to do, you may want to look into it first, as private labeling is supposed to be the best way to come up with million-dollar sellers.

ASM also has a large support community, so expect to get access to help and support from other sellers who have completed the program.

Final Thoughts

Online courses are a great way to supplement your resume or learn a new skill. You can even take classes that can help you with school assignments.

Online courses take learning one step further. Rather than limiting topics to traditional subjects, you can learn virtually anything via an online course. And that includes how to optimize your Amazon FBA seller experience.

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