A1 Trading Review

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1 Minute Review

A1 Trading Company manages one of the fastest growing online trading communities, offers a collection of trading software tools, and publishes extensive financial market coverage in article and video form.

A1 Trading offers forex, stock market, COT and overnight swap market analysis that is easy to consume and apply toward your individual trading goals. Their analysts are FTMO funded or myfxbook verified, and screened based on their skill sets and trading experience.

A1 really shines in their ability to bring like-minded traders together to discuss trade ideas and strategies. Their collaborative VIP Discord server includes access to video and PDF trading plan examples and educational materials for traders of all levels.  

Best For

  • Young investors seeking conservative investment strategies
  • Beginner forex traders seeking trade and stock portfolio insights
  • Traders looking for ideas


  • Highly qualified team of analysts with best-in-class market insights
  • Access to VIP online community with members from 100+ countries
  • Wide range of research materials for beginning, intermediate and advanced traders
  • Extensive risk management education and guidance offerings


  • Not suitable for investors seeking high risk, high return trading opportunities
securely through A1 Trading's website

What is A1 Trading?

A1 Trading Company is a financial services company founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Nicholas Syiek.

A1 Trading is an actively updated investment research platform that provides educational resources, chat rooms, and more to current and potential day traders. They also supply webinars, online courses, 1 on 1 mentoring with market analysts and other resources designed to make you a more knowledgeable trader.

A1 Trading has partnerships with various financial brokerages, providing media content, trading softwares and consulting services for traders from all levels of experience.

Prior to A1 Trading’s founding, Syiek started the YouTube channel TraderNick. Syiek hired a team of writers, analysts and marketers to help spread the goal of sharing market insight with the world.

Who is A1 Trading For?

If you’re a new trader for supplemental income or already a forex trader, A1 Trading could be for you. A1 Trading is perfect for the investor who seeks to make firmly balanced, steady returns on their investments. Being that A1 Trading is a firm that manages a rapidly growing online community of traders and produces software tools for investors, their goal is to help guide and support investors in their continuing education of the financial markets at large.

If you’re not yet an accredited investor, A1 Trading has an abundance of risk management and trading strategies education resources to help you make informed investment decisions. 

VIP Online Community

A1 Trading shines in their ability to bring like-minded traders together in their immersive, collaborative 24/7 online trading community

A1 Trading’s paid community gives value to prospective and current traders seeking the latest insights regarding. Membership grants traders to various chat rooms with active moderators, unique trade ideas, The entirety of the discussion platform is hosted via Discord.

Purchasing membership to A1 Trading’s Discord server also gives users access to video and PDF educational trading materials, as well as trade signals generated by A1’s in-house team of market analysts.

Trading Software

Always searching for a better way to research stocks and forex markets? A1 Trading’s software team offers 4 unique trading softwares to help users become more knowledgeable, disciplined traders.

A1’s softwares are custom built by their software team and run via the popular Metatrader 4 platform. The full collection of trading softwares includes market scanners, trade alert tools, currency strength meters and forex robots designed to assist customers in their trading.

A1’s tools are built for both professional and beginner traders looking for top of the line charting tools. We were impressed by the amount of screen time A1’s tools can help cut down for the beginner or advanced trader, and such is the case with the Candlestick Pattern Scanner. 

Users who enjoy trading with candlestick patterns will be able to view and interact with high probability candlestick pattern setups, and receive alerts when high probability setups could occur via text message send or email.

We’re confident A1’s trading tools and active online community can help users uncover new trade ideas, better understand trading psychology and become more disciplined traders overall. If you’re in the market for an engaging, immersive trading education experience, A1 Trading could be the answer to information overload for financial professionals and beginner investors alike.