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'Stick To The Avocado Toast' Says New York Bagel Experts About California Being Named Best In Bagels

'Stick To The Avocado Toast' Says New York Bagel Experts About California Being Named Best In Bagels

To the surprise of millions of people nationwide, the best bagels in the U.S. can be found in California. Naturally, and for good reason, New Yorkers are outraged.

What Happened: The New York Times declared California bagels to be the best in America and New York bagel makers are reacting in a typical New York fashion best known for not holding back.

"California, stick to the avocado toast," Ess-a-Bagel COO Melanie Frost told the New York Post. "You know that best."

Ess-a-Bagel is a family-run bagel shop in Manhattan that was founded by Frost's aunt in 1976. The bagel shop hand-rolls and bakes bagels on a daily basis and ships hundreds of bagels to California daily.

Rival bagel shop Zabar's also ships bagels to California on a daily basis. The shop's General Manager Scott Goldshine told New York Post he is not aware of anyone in New York ordering bagels from the West Coast.

"We have one immigrant community after the next passing the torch and picking up this esoteric skill," Peter Shelsky, co-owner of Shelsky's Brooklyn Bagels, also told the New York Post. "It was recently Filipino immigrants and then the Thai population. Now, there are Mexican rollers."

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Why It's Important: Bagels are an important part of New York's culture and history. The bagels we know today were introduced by Eastern European Jews who migrated to North America in the 19th century.

The same group is responsible for introducing other fantastic New York iconic food staples like pastrami, among others.

What's Next: California's new status as a bagel destination will be questioned by New Yorkers for decades to come.

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